How to make a Vietnamese Banh Mi

How to make a Vietnamese Banh Mi

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that is very popular and found in many varieties. Vietnamese Banh Mi is made with crispy airy baguette and filled with meat, rich liver pate, mayo, pickled vegetables, green onion, crunchy cucumbers, coriander, spicy chilies, and seasoning herbs.

History of Vietnamese Banh Mi

The word banh mi in English is pronounced as bun-mee Vietnamese bread which is the main point of the sandwich. From French influence in Indochina, the banh mi sandwich gets its origin. In 1950 it was appropriated by Vietnam and known as wheat bread or banh mi. Firstly, Vietnam banh mi was introduced by the French. The Vietnam banh mi became popular around the world after the Vietnam attack. Traditional Vietnam banh mi is started with the filling of meat and Asian flavors in a banquette. Pork, chicken, and pate are mostly filled in them.

Main components and ingredients of Vietnamese Banh Mi

Vietnam banh mi is a sensation of textures and flavors that is loved and followed by all around the world. These are some main components or ingredients listed below which are used in so many recipes of Vietnam banh mi and make delicious with their combination.


Bread is the main and most common part of the Vietnam banh mi. bread should be a light framework that can hold the fillings used in it. Always use non-fancy bread with a soft crumb. Torta and Cubano rolls are good substitutes for bread.


Chiles are used in Vietnam Banh mi sandwiches as a spicy element and medium small thinly sliced chilies are used to give a spicy touch to this burger and sandwiches.


Herbs add freshness to Vietnam banh mi bread and sandwich and cilantro is the best choice for this. You can use fresh mint, Thai basil, and Italian basil according to the season.


Cucumber is also an important element that adds a crunchy touch to Vietnam banh mi Singapore sandwiches and burgers. It refreshes and cools the banh mi sandwiches and burgers by adding more strongly flavored or spicy parts of the sandwich. If cucumber is not available you can also try shredded iceberg or romaine lettuce

Seasoning Sauce

Sauces are used to give the taste of an extra shot of salt and savories in Vietnam banh mi sandwiches and burgers. You can use different types of sauces according to your taste.


It is used to make the Vietnam banh mi sandwich and burger richer and also for moistening. You can also use salted butter or avocado instead of mayonnaise.


Pickles are used to enhancing the taste of Vietnam banh mi burgers and sandwiches. Pickles used in banh mi sandwiches and burgers are sweeter than sour, unlike western pickles.

Meat or Other Filling

The Vietnam banh mi does not contain a ton of meat and the ratio of protein to vegetable should be 1:1. Grilled vegetables are a better option for vegetarians.

Healthy benefits of Banh Mi Singapore

Banh mi in Singapore is the best combination of taste and a healthy diet. The good thing about banh mi in Singapore is rich in protein and only contains 7 grams of fat. Here are some health benefits of banh mi in Singapore are described:

Rich in protein

Chicken has been added to banh mi Singapore which is a source of protein. People prefer to eat banh mi for lunch and dinner because chicken and salad contain rich protein.

Pack of vitamins and minerals

Vegetables are used in banh mi Singapore preparations which have a large number of vitamins and minerals. Carrots and cucumbers are used in banh mi which is good for the eyes.

Weight loss management

Fresh cucumber is rich in fiber and used in managing weight. It is also low in calories and contains water. It is an awesome option for those people who care about their weight and want to have a balanced diet.

Restaurants to have Banh Mi in Singapore

There are many places or restaurants in Singapore which are famous for banh mi. We will list the best banh mi shops in Singapore to give a delicious taste to you.


Qwang is a Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore and has experienced the concept of serving authentic Vietnamese food. Their most tasty dish is banh mi Singapore. They also have pho, rice noodles, salad, coffee, and desserts with amazing taste.

O Banh Mi

O Banh mi is a Vietnamese restaurant that has a surprising taste and it serves up more than just banh mi in Singapore. The main dishes that are offered by the restaurant are pho, com tam, banh mi, and summer rolls.

Co Hai Banh Mi

Co Hai Banh Mi is located along the beach road and serves up a huge variety of authentic Vietnamese coffee and street food. Their main signature dish is banh mi in Singapore and Co Hai Baguette comprises Chinese sausage, roasted BBQ pork, pork floss, pate, pickled carrots, coriander, chilly, and daikon.

Banh Mi Express

Banh Mi Express is located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and offers 9 types of banh mi in Singapore. They offer good options for vegetarians. Most customers choose to take away their food due to their limited seats.

233 Banh Mi

233 Banh Mi offers a Simple without frills menu and offers 4 types of dishes, chicken, BBQ beef, tuna, and traditional flavor meat. 233 banh mi is famous for its tender and tasty banh mi in Singapore.

Banh You, Banh Mi

Banh You, Banh Me is located in Suntec City and serves up Halal Vietnamese banh mi in Singapore. It offers beef instead of pork. Butter chicken from Banh You, Banh Me is very good and delicious. It has a small sitting place and most people take away their food.

If you are looking for the best banh mi in Singapore then look no further, Qwang is your destination. For Vietnamese food lovers, it is the first choice ever. So, Visit there and you surely fall in love with their taste.

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