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Excuses for Ordering In

3 Great Excuses for Ordering In

We have all been there, we are just not in the mood to cook. If you work full-time or have kids, if you are the one in charge of feeding the household, the urge to shirk this responsibility may pop up more often than not. However, you still get up …

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Fish Burger Recipe

Crispy and cheesy Fish Burger Recipe

The crispy, cheesy fish burger can be the best alternative for a great snack. And when you make it at home, it will be much healthier too. Make sure you use the best cheese for burgers available in your place and fresh fish on your cheese fish burger recipe. As …

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Culinary Specialities You Should Try in Switzerland

6 Culinary Specialities You Should Try in Switzerland

Switzerland is such an amazing country! A perfect combination of beautiful nature, cool climate and delicious gastronomy. If you are planning to visit this part of Europe, we will suggest six culinary specialities you should try in Switzerland. But first here is a bit of useful information about this mountainous …

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9 Foods To Try in Vienna, Austria

9 Foods To Try in Vienna, Austria

Austrian dishes are renowned and adored all over the world. The historical fusion of Czech, Hungarian, Austrian and other cuisines into the old Austro-Hungarian Empire’s culinary repertoire blessed us with countless, mouth-watering delicacies. Beyond the unforgettably tasty, highly-celebrated Apfelstrudel, Wiener Schnitzel, or Sachertorte, lies another large world of lesser-known delectable …

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Dishes To Try in Koh Rong Island

10 Dishes To Try in Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

The traditional cuisines on Koh Rong Island are definitely a must try for all. The food is popularly known as Khmer food and is a fusion of delicacies and flavours found in several other countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam. If you are planning to visit Koh Rong Island, …

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10 dishes you shouldn't miss in Pune

Top 10 dishes you shouldn’t miss in Pune, India

I got to explore the Maharashtrian cuisine when I was out exploring India. In my first article for Travel for Food Hub, I’ll be bringing to you some of the dishes native to the place, and the ones that have made it to my favourites list. Check out the top …

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Foods for a Great Night’s Sleep

Top Foods for a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a problem the world over. In the U.S., for instance, it is estimated that one in three adults don’t get their recommended seven to nine hours and statistics are similar in the UK. There an inexorable link between food and sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to greater …

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