Thai Street Food Guide

Thai Street Food Guide

Last Updated on November 15, 2022 by Maria Kennedy

It might not be the only reason to visit Thailand, but the Thai street food has got to be near the top of the list of attractions that this unique country holds. The Thais expect to find food absolutely everywhere and it doesn’t matter where you happen to be, you’re never far from a noodle stall or BBQ chicken, with so many different delicacies on show, including Thai desserts.

Here are just some of the street food delights that you will encounter during your stay in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

Grilled chicken & sticky rice


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Usually wings and legs (gai yang) that are grilled on a small hotplate; marinated with a bamboo stick skewered, the meat is grilled to perfection and a bag of sticky rice (Kao neow) and you are good to go! This is one of the most popular stalls at any market or on the side of the road; indeed, many of the vendors operate from a motorcycle and sidecar and they drive around, stopping every hundred yards or so. If you are staying at BWP Premier, you are never far from the street food vendors that occupy the streets of Pattaya.



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Every Asian country has a taste for noodles and Thailand is no exception; noodles are believed to have originated in China and there are numerous ingredients that you can add to the mix. In Thai, ‘cuet diyow’ is eaten with chopsticks and the vendor would have a few tables and chairs, with a row of condiments; be careful with the chilli powder!

Pork satay & peanut sauce


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This is ‘moo satay’ in Thai, with slivers of pork grilled on bamboo sticks and a sweet brown sauce made from peanuts; five sticks and a bag of sauce makes for a perfect snack and that would cost you about $3. Traditionally a southern Thai dish, this tasty combination can be found all over the country and vendors are usually women, who are the backbone of Thai society. Click here for places to eat Pad Thai in Bangkok.

Papaya salad


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In Thai, ‘som tam’ is a spicy papaya salad made in a pestle and mortar, with vegetables and possible dried shrimp and a Thai type of crab. If you are not into spicy food, tell the vendor ‘mai phet’, which means not spicy. It is quite an art to make a good som tam salad and among the locals, certain vendors are more popular, so buy from a busy stall.

Thai fruits


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There are so many fruits in Thailand, many of which are not found anywhere else, and the street vendors sell from a glass case that is filled with ice and cuts of pineapple, mango and jackfruit. In Thai, fruit is ‘pon lamai’ and you can always find a refreshing tub of locally made ice cream and a stack of fruits.

If you are planning a visit to Thailand, check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand website, where you will find a lot of useful information on places of interest.

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