The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe

The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe

Nowadays drinking organic tea has become trendy, but as you probably know, the tea ceremony is an ancestral tradition that varies from country to country. It is said that the tradition of having tea dates back to the pre-Christan era in China. One famous folklore tales that come from this mysterious land is that of a Chinese Emperor Shennong who …

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Take a Food Trip to Thailand

3 Reasons to Take a Food Trip to Thailand

Since the early 90s, visiting Thailand has become a ‘must-do’ for thousands of people across the world. Many have followed the tales of the country’s countless books and movies. And wanted to experience its mix of outstanding natural beauty, spiritual peace, and hedonism. Nearly everyone must know someone who has packed a backpack and begun a trek across Thailand. Often …

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Close-up of a typical dish of pad thai in Bangkok.

5 Best Places to Eat Pad Thai in Bangkok

Dishes don’t get any more iconic than pad Thai, the famous stir-fry of shrimps or chicken with noodles, egg, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and tamarind paste. One of the must try local dishes in Bangkok it’s become a favourite among foreigners, but not all pad Thais are made equal. A good pad Thai should be flavoursome with a slightly smoked taste coming off …

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Thai snacks including pork curry, chilli dip, minced pork salad, soft boiled vegetables and pork snack served in brass dishes.

5 Thai Snacks Every Foodie Should Try At Least Once

Thailand is a famous and incredibly popular tourist destination for all sorts of reasons. It’s probably best-known for its stunning beaches and happy people, also being known as ‘the land of smiles.’ But after spending a lot of time in the country over the years, I believe that Thailand’s main asset is its food. Seriously, this country has an exceptionally …

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street food kingdom

The Street Food Kingdom of Bangkok

Bangkok is considered heaven for food lovers and caters to almost every taste. Fine dining is one way to enjoy food but the real fun lies in tasting the street food. Eating around the small food stalls you find in markets and street corners is a great culinary experience. The world of Bangkok’s street food can be extremely exciting and …

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Bangkok foodie instagrammers

7 Bangkok Foodie Instagrammers To Follow

Not everyone can travel to Bangkok at his or her leisure, but that is why Instagram exists. Even if you can’t try that delicious chicken satay at the market, you can bet an Instagram foodie has, and already has a photo of it on their account too. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a short video clip of cold Thai ice cream …

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Food experiences in Bangkok

6 Top Food Experiences In Bangkok

When traveling to Bangkok, you are likely to have some unfamiliar culinary experiences. The capital of Thailand is known for having a variety of food options that are interesting and distinct to the area. After spending a few days in the city, you will learn that Bangkok is not only a utopia for Thai food lovers, but for food travelers as …

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street food markets in Bangkok

7 Street Food Markets To Visit In Bangkok

Street food is a simple pleasure of many popular cities throughout the world. It’s an easy way to grab a bite to eat on the go, and sometimes, can showcase some of the local cuisines a country has to offer. Street food in Bangkok is not only convenient but an exuberant display of Thailand’s best dishes for the cheapest price. …

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Floating markets in Bangkok

6 Tips To Visit The Best Floating Markets In Bangkok

Floating markets are special features in Thailand’s shopping community. These boats filled with goods were significant for bartering and trading for centuries in places with large water channels. Anything from food to handmade trinkets can be purchased around these markets. The need for floating markets is not as prevalent as it was in the early periods for Thailand, but they …

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local dishes in Bangkok

7 Must Try Local Dishes In Bangkok

Bangkok is the well-known capital of Thailand and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Incredible architecture and historic landmarks that are unmatched by most countries fill the city, but, perhaps, one of their biggest draws is their delicious and affordable food options.With nearly 13 percent of the country’s population, Bangkok is able to feature Thailand’s local dishes at …

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