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5 Restaurants From ‘Sex and the City’ to Channel Your Inner Carrie

Last Updated on August 15, 2023

The show ‘Sex and the City’ is truly an important piece of American pop culture. In case there is somebody out there who hasn’t seen it, Carrie Bradshaw is a sex columnist for one of New York City’s biggest publications. In it, she shares what life and love are like for her and her best friends Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. While watching the show, we are taken on a journey through Carrie’s relationship with many men including Aidan and the ever-popular heartthrob Mr. Big. We also find ourselves learning a lot about life and how to handle many of the situations it throws at us.

‘Sex and the City’ is known for many different things. These include high-fashion, relationship advice, and (maybe most importantly) food! Through the entire series, the girl-gang and their significant others made appearances at a bunch of different restaurants all around New York City. For any ‘Sex and the City’ fan, these locations are iconic and definite must-sees!

This TV series still has such a large cult-like follower base 18 years after the last episode. If you are a huge fan of the show, you might want to stop by some of the show’s infamous locations in which the “fab four” dined and gossiped about their lives. So, if you’re headed to New York City in the near future, there are some restaurants from ‘Sex and the City’ you’ll definitely need to check out!

Da Marino

If you’re looking for a place to fall in love or making things official with your significant other like Mr. Big did with Carrie, head over to Da Marino. In season 2 episode 8, Mr. Big takes Carrie to the Italian restaurant for the perfect romantic dinner. The restaurant sits at 220 W 49th Street and is the best place to indulge in dishes like Pasta e Fagioli or Lasagna, a classic.

Each year, Da Marino’s Chef Pasquale hosts a fundraiser to raise money for Sister Elizabeth, who helps the homeless and other people in need. This one-night-only event is open to anyone who wants to attend. However, if you’re interested, you might catch a glimpse of Mr. Big (actor Chris Noth) in person, as many celebrities attend the event.

Magnolia Bakery

If you have a hankering for cupcakes or other sweet treats, head over to 401 Bleecker Street and grab your favorite desserts from Magnolia Bakery! This bakery has become a NYC icon ever since it appeared in season 3 episode 5.

TAKEAWAY: Rumor has it that the actual Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a our queen Sarah Jessica Parker, lived in the area where Magnolia Bakery is located and suggested it be written into the show. Since then, it has become one of the most beloved bakeries in all of NYC.

So, even if you’re broke after shopping at Saks or Bergdorf, you can still be a Bradshaw and snag a delicious cupcake for only $4.00!

Eleven Madison Park

Remember that truly heartbreaking scene where Mr. Big told Carrie he was getting engaged, but it wasn’t to her? Your heart definitely shattered into a million tiny pieces when you saw that, don’t even think about lying. Even though it was a truly traumatic television moment, it was so major to their future relationship.

To get a glimpse of where it all went down, head to Eleven Madison Park. The stairs in the fancy restaurant are where Big fell entering the building, and Carrie fell leaving it. So, it’s important to be careful of the stairs, but it’s also important to try their cranberry cocktail complete with Barolo Chinato, fir, maple, lemon, and egg white. Just don’t think about trying to tell someone that you’re getting engaged to another person while taking a sip.

The Modern

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If you’re looking to share some good news with your girlfriends, Spoon University says you must meet them for lunch at The Modern. The Modern is the restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art (or MoMA), and it’s also where Carrie told Miranda and Charlotte she was FINALLY engaged to Mr. Big.

When the girls found out, Charlotte proceeded to scream with joy and tell the entire restaurant about her best friend’s soon-to-be nuptials. She also told everyone in attendance that the two had been going out for TEN YEARS before finally deciding to settle down.

Clearly, it was a happy moment for all involved, except Carrie, who was just a bit mortified after her long relationship was exposed. Even though it was somewhat embarrassing for Carrie, the restaurant is guaranteed to be a happy lunch stop for all ‘Sex and the City’ fans who were team Big (sorry, Team Aidan).

The City Bakery

Speaking of Aidan, remember the “face girl?” The “face girl,” also known as Nina Katz, dated Aidan after Carrie and he broke up. In season 5 episode 6, Carrie and Samantha run into her at The City Bakery. Since this was such a huge moment for Carrie post-Aidan, it’s a significant moment for ‘Sex and the City’ fans all around the world.

The bakery on 3 West 18th Street is the perfect place to snag a few tarts, cookies, and pastries. Take a few pictures while standing outside the shop and post them on social media for all to see, including your ex-boyfriend. It could be some sort of an homage to the fact that you’re doing much better without him.

There are so many iconic moments in this series, so you might find it hard to pick just one restaurant from ‘Sex and the City’ to go. Take a few of the suggestions listed above as a place to start, and don’t forget to have your camera ready! Your inner-Bradshaw will thank you!

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