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Family Vacation

4 Tips For Selecting A Family Vacation House

A family vacation is that time when members of a family decide to take it to the road for time off their daily routine. Either for the holidays or celebratory occasions. And don’t we all look forward to getting those unwinding few days on our calendars? Of course, we do, …

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Open Your Wine Bottle Like a Pro

How to Open Your Wine Bottle Like a Pro

Wine is always associated with times of celebration. When you hear the pop of the bottle, it somehow represents a sense of fulfilment and success. However, the usual hurdle involved when you’re dealing with wine is the moment you’re opening it. To avoid the hassle of ruining your fun during …

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Things to Bring to A Music Festival

6 Things to Bring to A Music Festival

Are you heading to a popular music festival for the first time in your life? If yes, then you need some guidance, my friend. Going to a music festival and camping there is not like going to a food and wine festival.  But if you go prepared, it can be …

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Perfect Wine Tour Destination

6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Wine Tour Destination

Wine lovers are all around the world and come from very different backgrounds. And therefore, wine touring is no longer a holiday retreat activity done by elites. But to plan the perfect wine tour vacation and really enjoy a wine destination, you will need some tips from the experts. A …

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Cook on an RV Trip

5 Best Meals to Cook on an RV Trip

One of the many appealing aspects of travelling in an RV is that you can cook whenever and wherever you want. This saves lots of money and gives you more free time to do whatever you want. However, cooking on an RV trip is a little bit different from cooking …

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Foods for a Great Night’s Sleep

Top Foods for a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a problem the world over. In the U.S., for instance, it is estimated that one in three adults don’t get their recommended seven to nine hours and statistics are similar in the UK. There an inexorable link between food and sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to greater …

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Food Names Literally Translated

European Food Names Literally Translated into English

Ever wondered why for some food names we’ve just adopted the foreign word for it and not translated it literally into English? This infographic is going to tell you why… When you discover the literal translations of these foods, you’ll completely understand why we didn’t translate them. Appliance manufacturers CDA …

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Roasted beans and a cup of coffee, waiting for their perfect coffee pairings

Coffee Pairings Around The World – Infographic

With a wide range of bean varieties and roasting techniques, different types of coffee have unique flavor profiles that compliment many kinds of savory foods, sweet pastries, and desserts. Being an ancient beverage largely consumed in most countries around the world, many cultures have had plenty of time to perfect …

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Group of young friends sailing for exotic cuisines and eating on deck

Sailing for Exotic Cuisines Around the World

When it’s finally high time to take a well-deserved holiday and treat yourself and loved ones to a magical retreat, there is no better way to do it than to sail across the world. The feeling of casting sails in the open waters leaving behind the incessant turmoil of city …

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