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Are you passionate about food and travel? Are you looking to share your food adventures with an engaged foodie and travellers community? Awesome, you are in the right place! Here is how you can write for us.

At Travel for Food Hub, we welcome food and travel bloggers, Instagrammers, food experiences providers and food & travel lovers to share their food tips, insights and curiosities with the foodies community.

We are looking for articles that help other foodie travellers find out about the best street food, local food, food experiences, food influencers, restaurants and markets in destinations worldwide.

Follow these simple steps to submit an article:

  1. Register to get a WordPress account on Travel for Food Hub.
  2. Complete your user profile. Fill in your author bio and select a profile photo. This is important because we won’t publish your content otherwise.
  3. Read our style guidelines to know how an article must be structured in order to fulfill our publication standards.
  4. Submit your content for review.
  5. Wait up to 10 working days to get a response from our editors to know if your piece has been accepted or rejected.

Check this tutorial to learn how to create an account and submit your content.

IMPORTANT! Right now we are receiving several paid submissions, which take precedence on our publishing calendar. If you’d like us to publish your article for free, you’ll have to wait on our publishing queue, which may take some time. Otherwise, you can speed up the publication process by paying a small fee. In this case, you can contact us through our sponsored content form or by sending us an email.

PRO TIP! Some weeks we receive tons of submissions, so to make sure you receive a positive response from us, we recommend you:

  1. Follow our style guidelines. Don’t forget to include a takeaway and make sure your text is coherent and easy to read.
  2. Make sure your article is about food. We won’t accept any articles about health, fitness, lifestyle, etc.
  3. Check the existing articles about the destination you would like to write about so you don’t repeat a topic.
  4. If you include links inside the article, they will need to link to an interesting and relevant page. Irrelevant links will be removed by the editors. If you’d like to include a link to your website, you can do it from your author bio. Or you can also contact us for sponsored content.