8 Best bengali Restaurants in Kolkata

8 Best bengali Restaurants in Kolkata, India

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

In Kolkata, the answer to the age-old question of whether we live to eat or eat to live is clear: Bengalis unequivocally live to eat. This passionate relationship with food has given rise to a vibrant restaurant scene, where dining is an experience and a tribute to tradition. Kolkata, India’s cultural capital, hosts a diverse array of Bengali restaurants catering to every palate. These bengali restaurants in Kolkata are temples of gastronomy, where each dish tells a story and showcases unwavering dedication. Explore the timeless charm of North Kolkata’s old-world eateries and experience contemporary fine dining in South Kolkata, where you enter a world where culinary delights know no bounds. Let’s explore this gastronomic adventure further.

8 Bengali Restaurants In Kolkata Which One Can Try

1. 6 Ballygunge Place 

This place is one of the  finest bengali restaurants in kolkata. Nestled in vintage South Kolkata, this century-old gem has been serving authentic Bengali cuisine. It’s a culinary time capsule, featuring recipes from the revered Tagore family, including Rabindranath Tagore himself. Choose from the Bengali buffet or Ala Carte menu, and prepare for a feast. Signature dishes like Hansher Dimer Devil, Daab Chingri (prawns cooked in tender coconut), Gondhoraj Chicken (chicken with fragrance of the Gondhoraj Lebu,)and the Mourala Macher Peyaji await. Pair them with classics like Luchi and Aloo Posto, and end on a sweet note with Baked Sandesh, Mishti Doi, or jaggery-flavored ice cream. So, whether you dine-in or opt for online delivery, a taste of Bengal’s culinary heritage is just a click away.

2. Bhojohori Manna 

 This renowned restaurant specializes in serving fresh, home-style Bengali cuisine, offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Bengali thalis at budget-friendly prices. With multiple outlets across Kolkata, it’s easily accessible to all. Among its iconic dishes are the delectable Lucchi with Kosha Mangsho, the irresistible bhatki roll, the flavorful stuffed egg chop, the sumptuous pomfret paturi, and the classic misti doi, capturing the essence of Bengali flavors. Additionally, Bhojohori Manna provides the convenience of online food delivery, allowing you to savor their authentic Bengali offerings from the comfort of your own space.

3. The Bhoj Company

This quaint eatery specializes in authentic Dhakai Bangladeshi Cuisine. Within just a few years, it has risen to become one of the finest bengali restaurants in Kolkata offering delectable Bengali dishes at pocket-friendly prices. The menu boasts iconic dishes that truly capture the essence of Bengali flavors. Delight in the Pabda Machher Dhoney Pata Jhal , revel in the aromatic Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa, or savor the flavorful Aar Macher Aloo Begun Borir Jhol among other mouthwatering options. One of the standout features of this establishment is its efficient food delivery service, ensuring you can enjoy these culinary delights in the comfort of your own space.

4. Kasturi 

This place has been a city favorite for decades. Despite its unassuming décor, Kasturi has earned numerous awards for its authentic dishes. The crown jewel of their menu is the Jumbo Chingri Malai Curry,Jumbo Daab Chingri Mahabhoj,Medium Prawn Malai Curry Mahabhoj, all delectable combinations of steamed prawns that perfectly embodies the rich flavors of Dhaka. What’s even better is that you can indulge in Kasturi’s culinary treasures from the comfort of your own home, thanks to their convenient online food delivery service. So, if you’re craving a taste of Bangladesh and a dining experience like no other, order from Kasturi today and let your taste buds take a flavorful journey that’s been perfected over decades.

5. Babu Culture 

This restaurant’s thali promises an exquisite Bengali culinary experience that will satisfy your hunger and transport you to a world of zamindars and “Babuana ” charm. With dishes like Dhonepata Ar Sorshe Diye Maachher Elo Jhelo, Murghir Potli Bhapa Kabab, Pui Chingrir Bora and Margaret’s Curried Chicken Cutlets, it’s clear the chef has poured heart and soul into creating a unique and rare taste.From Crab Cake to Khansama Murgh Malai Seekh, Baked Lobster to Babu’s Famous Macher Paturi, each dish warms the heart of any Bengali food lover. You can enjoy these flavors at home through their online food delivery service.

6. Sonar Tori 

This is your gateway to the opulent world of rural Bengali dining. Stepping in, you’ll be struck by the artistry, opulent chandeliers, and decor that transport you to a zamindar’s home, complete with the warm smiles of the staff. This is where you can relish authentic Bengali cuisine in Kolkata, prepared with love, aromatic spices, and time-honored techniques. What sets Sonar Tori apart is its diverse menu, offering daily dishes from zamindari, Krishi, Mussalman, and Phiringee traditions. From unique dishes like Karamcha Diye Ilish, Decker Lane Chicken Stew + Pauruti, Pur Bhora Bhetki With Kasundi, to classics like Baganer Masala Diye Murgi Bhaja and Macher Jhall, Sonar Tori offers a culinary journey through Bengal’s rich flavors.

7. Koshe Kosha  

  It is a must-visit for Bengali cuisine lovers in Kolkata, renowned for its traditional mutton masterpiece, Kosha Mangsho. This cozy restaurant embodies the essence of Bengal with its rustic décor and handicrafts, creating an authentic atmosphere. While their journey began with Basanti Pulao and Kosha Mangsho, Koshe Kosha has expanded its menu to include delightful dishes like Malai Chingri Biryani, Bhetki Paratha, and Bhetki Chingri Melbondhon.The good news is that you can now savor these Bengali delights from the comfort of your home through their online food delivery service.

8.    Aaheli 

At The Peerless Inn in Kolkata’s New Market Area, it is one of the  iconic bengali restaurants in kolkata. It was the first in India to serve traditional Bengali cuisine and remains a top choice for fine dining in Kolkata. While they offer a diverse menu, their Hilsa fish, especially during the ‘Pade Pade Ilish Pujo Festival’, is a standout dish. Whether you’re a meat enthusiast or a vegetarian, Aaheli has something special for everyone. Enjoy the true taste of Bengali cuisine in Kolkata.


Kolkata’s Bengali restaurants offer a rich tapestry of flavors and traditions that truly capture the essence of this vibrant culture. Whether you’re craving the classics like Kosha Mangsho or exploring innovative dishes like Hilsa fish,’ these establishments celebrate the heart and soul of Bengali cuisine. Enjoy the flavors of Bengal, wherever you are! Now, you can conveniently order from any of these restaurants through the Swiggy platform.

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