How to beat the heat during a summer tour in India?

How to beat the heat during a summer tour in India?

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

Wondering how to beat the heat during a summer tour in India? You are in the right place because here are some great tips to help you enjoy your summer tour in India and beat the heat.

Summers are the most awaited time of the year when everyone wants to visit some destinations to enjoy with their loved ones, family members, or friends. Summers are one of the major holiday seasons all over the globe, which marks the end of the frosting winters when people love to stay in their cozy homes. You can start your summer vacation in India in multiple destinations, including hill stations, mountain tours, high-altitude destinations, and many more. 

India has a wide range of summer destinations of India where you may spend your summer vacations with ease and joy. You may consider sitting by a café in Himachal Pradesh looking at a snow-peak mountain or a cold river originating from a glacier. You may trek in the forest or set up a camp overlooking the white mountains. If you are scared of heights, you may consider going on a Hill station tour of India, where you can cover a few hill stations offering scenic views of India’s lush green mountains or tea gardens. India has a lot to offer, with various destinations for your summer break. 

Custom Tours India is here to arrange a fully customized tour of India covering those destinations which will be perfect for your summer break. Custom Tours India offers a wide range of tours, including the Golden Triangle Tour of India, which you may cover along with some of the summer destinations of India. Summers can sometimes be scorching. However, Custom Tours India has a list of things and practises you may consider to beat the heat and enjoy your Summer Tour Package in India with great comfort and joy. 

Let us go through the below suggestions you may go with to beat the heat on your upcoming Summer Tour of India. 

1. Choice of Destination

Custom Tours India provides various destinations you can explore during your Summer Vacations in India. If you are planning to visit for the summer, don’t be afraid, as Custom Tours India is here to provide the best of our suggestions to spend your Summer vacation in India without any hustle. You may consider exploring the colder places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Kashmir, Srinagar, Leh, and Ladakh, or you may choose to visit the North-Eastern part of India covering the famous hill stations like – Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and some exclusive features of Sikkim. Custom Tours India is well-connected with these popular Summer Destinations of India, where you will have a wonderful time of your lifetime. All these destinations are well connected with roads, trains, and flights. You may choose your way of transportation, and Custom Tours India will do the rest. So, don’t worry about the Summer heat! We still have plenty of destinations for you to consider while traveling to India during your Summer Holidays. 

2. Stay Hydrated and keep your water level up

Water is an essential part of human life that helps us cope with our daily routine. Water is the foundation of life for all living creatures and plays a vital role in our daily activities. Custom Tours India recommends you keep yourself hydrated with water in planning to spend your Summer Vacations in India. You will not feel the heat if you want to explore the colder part, like Himachal Pradesh or another Northern part. However, suppose you’ll travel to other factors, such as the Golden Triangle Tour of India or other Central Indian destinations. In that case, water is one of the essential things which should always be with you. You may go for juices, shakes, smoothies, and coconut water, readily available on Indian streets and at all the major historical monuments in India. You may carry various electrolytes to keep your body fit and refined with minerals. Also, you may avoid going for alcoholic beverages, sodas, or caffeine products as they dehydrate your body. 

3. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Afraid of Heat! Forget your worries and travel across India during your Summer Vacations in India with a perfect diet plan to beat the heat during your summer holidays. Along with water, your diet also plays a vital role in keeping your body temperature low and cooler during Summer. When it comes to diet, you should be aware of the food you will intake during your Summer Tours in India. A healthy meal makes you fitter and keeps your skin shining during the summer. Regarding eating preferences during your Summer Vacations in India, Custom Tours India would recommend you stay light snacks for a quickie and eat more green veggies, fruits, and other items, which will help you boost your health. You may go with watermelons, oranges, pineapples, peaches, and other fruits. You should also avoid eating heavy cuisines such as bread, fried kababs, and junk foods. Eat Healthily and beat the heat with such snacks, providing maximum energy during your Summer Vacations in India.

4. Wear Light Coloured Clothes

Clothes! The word is small. However, it does a beautiful job when it comes to beating the heat during your Summer Vacations in India. We all know during Winter, we keep ourselves covered with many layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm enough. On the other hand, we always prefer wearing short garments during the summer. However, that is not what we should do while on vacation during summer, especially during your Summer Vacations in India. Custom Tours India always cares about your well-being during the travel with your travel plan, destinations, and with your clothes so that you can enjoy your time here without any worries. So, we always suggest you wear cotton, which helps air flow in and out to keep our body temperature cool, and cotton also avoids absorbing sweat, which keeps us free from all kinds of skin bacteria. Along with cotton, what colors you choose during the summer is also important. It is recommended to wear light-colored clothes like white, yellow, pink, green, cream, etc. These colors absorb less sunlight and will help keep the body temperature lighter and cooler. 

5. Sun creams and other lotions

Like the things mentioned above and suggestions to safeguard yourself during your Summer Vacations in India, there are other aspects that should be considered while going on your customized tour of India. Many lotions and sun creams also protect you from harmful UV rays. So, Custom Tours India always recommends you take a small bag full of such creams and lotions, which will significantly help traveling in India around the summer. For example, if you wish to cover Golden Triangle Tours of India or other destinations in central and southern India, you must have your skin-friendly sun creams and lotions. As the skin is the largest and most uncovered organ of Humans, we must keep our skin safe from all kinds of bacteria and harmful UV rays. So, keep using these suns creams every 2-3 hours during your Summer Vacations in India.

6. Wear Protective Gears

To beat the heat during your Summer Vacations in India, some protective gear is a must-have, adding to the suggestions mentioned above to keep your skin and health happy during the holidays. This protective gear includes caps, hats, sunglasses, or sombrero, the best tools, and gears to beat the heat and UV rays coming straight on your face or head. You may choose to wear light-colored hats, which will also add charm to your pictures, or wear colorful sunglasses to look stylish during your Summer Tour of India. 

7. Balance of Time and Sightseeing

It is necessary to plan your daily routine so that you make contact with the sun or the heat as little as possible. So here, Custom Tours India would suggest you start your day a bit early so that you have a cold temperature and take a short nap or break in the noon by returning to your hotel. Later afternoon, you can again start the day tour to cover the remaining sightseeing places of that particular city. By doing this, you will have enough time to relax, and at the same time, you will keep yourself safe from the harsh UV rays of the sun. 

These are the few suggestions that Custom Tours India recommends to their family members who wish to visit India during the summer break. Traveling around India at any time of the year is always lovely. However, you need to keep your bags and accessories according to the time you are traveling to India. Summer Vacations in India can be fantastic if you choose the right destinations and plan your tour itinerary accordingly. Custom Tours India is here to arrange a fully customized tour of India during your summer vacation. It will make this trip fantastic and memorable.

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