Vegan jackfruit tacos from some of the best vegan restaurants in New York.

5 Vegan Restaurants In New York You Should Try

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

The concept of vegetarianism (or veganism) has been in the human culture for centuries. Initially, it was adopted by religions like Buddhism and Hinduism with the aim to show mercy towards animals. In the recent past, this concept achieved worldwide popularity mainly on the basis of its potential health benefits. It is considered that abstaining from animal foods can prevent several health implications like heart diseases, cancers, etc. Now vegan eaters form a sizable number in many countries including the western world.

The increase in the population of vegans on a global level has impacted the economies of several countries. Now, many restaurants and hotels offer special arrangements for vegans. That’s why, as one of the world’s most visited cities, New York can’t remain unaware about the growing influence of veganism on its economy. From organic  juice bars and vegan-specific restaurants to gluten-free bakeries or vegan taquerias, all of them can be found in New York.  If you are a vegan and planning to visit the Big Apple in the near future, then these 5 vegan restaurants in New York are worth to try out. You can also follow some of the best food bloggers in New York to learn about new additions.

Superiority Burger

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As a vegan, you would like to restrict your diet to pure veggies. Also, it will be your priority to make full use of your tour to New York. In this case, there is no better place than Superiority Burger to achieve both these targets. It is a vegetarian restaurant run by Brooks Headley.

Only plant-based ingredients are used to prepare its delicious dishes. If you are not so curious about fries, then you can opt for red chili, broccoli salad and eggplant to complete your vegan meal. Finally, for those who want to get a slightly different taste, Headley offers them fake cheesecake. All these veggie meals from Superiority Burger are available at a reasonable price.

Dirt Candy

Famous vegetable chef Amanda Cohen is the owner of this vegetarian restaurant in NYC. Initially, it was established in an overcrowded East Village area. But then it was shifted to the Lower East Side with more space and more delicious meals. If you want to taste something new and innovative vegetable dishes, then Dirt Candy is the best place to have it. Brussels sprout tacos, Korean fried broccoli, and jalapeno hush puppies are just a few of the many dishes that are available in Cohen’s restaurant. These will surely give your taste buds a nice treat.


ABCV is the first meat-free restaurant by ABC kitchen, and it gained immense popularity for its latest presentation. This helped the company make a valuable contribution to plant-based food. If you want to eat tasty vegetarian food the whole day from the very same place, then this opportunity is available at ABCV, since it is open for three meals a day.

The kitchen is run under the supervision of Neal Harden, a famed vegetable expert. Consequently, the restaurant changes its dishes according to season and market trends. It means that you will get the taste of roasted carrots with nut-and-seed butter in the fall season. In any other season of the year, there will be something different and appropriate to taste.

Candle 79

If you like the combination of vegetarianism with organic food, then this is your best place in NYC. Here you will get fresh, healthy and delicious food straight from the farm and onto your table. Candle 79 has been serving its customers at the Upper East Side for the past 15 years with the same fresh organic veggie food. Now, it is known as a high-class meat-free location.

You can get the taste of multiple menus on the table including brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Portobello streaks, pan-seared porcini seitan, chocolate and peanut butter moose inside dark chocolate, and spaghetti & wheat balls are the dishes you must try at Candle 79.

The Butcher’s Daughter

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TAKEAWAY: The name of “the Butcher’s Daughter” indicates that the same treatment and care is given to vegetables and fruits here as much as a butcher gives to meat.

The Butcher’s Daughter is another healthy and delicious place where organic dishes and juices are provided for complete health and amazing taste. Food is served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Avocado toast mashed with curry, mustard seeds and cilantro are available to taste at breakfast. Moreover, classic sandwiches are served at lunch while you can enjoy several veggie pasta dishes for dinner.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of standard vegan restaurants in New York, but it is not possible to dine at all these at the same time. However, if you organize well your time, you can enjoy each of your daily meals in one of these five venues. The restaurants listed above are unique, and the taste of fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits you get here will remain with you for a long time.

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