Traditional Sami tents (lappish yurts) in Norway offering tourists a comfortable place to watch the polar lights from after having a drink at an ice bar.

6 Tips To Enjoy A Drink At An Ice Bar Before Watching The Northern Lights

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

Northern lights are a majestic natural phenomenon. They are usually visible in all the Northern countries towards the Arctic such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and Alaska in the US. They are the result of the collision of the sun’s electrically charged particles into the Earth’s atmosphere. The outcome is the formation of magnificent, natural and colorful lights that can be seen during the winter. The closer to the North pole one is, the more impactful and beautiful the Northern Lights appear to be. That is why they are also called Polar Lights.

Typically, December to April is the best time for travelers and tourists to visit all the northern countries. January takes the best spot when it comes to witnessing the Northern Lights. The long nights and usually darker skies make it easier for the naked eye to experience this phenomenon. From late evening to around 2 am is the best time for Northern lights to be experienced.

There are hundreds of tourists who come to northern countries for experiencing northern lights every year. Due to limited hotels, rooms, igloos, and cottages in almost all parts of these countries, it is important to make bookings and plans, well in advance. However, if you start planning ahead, the best way to enjoy Northern lights is by staying in an ice hotel! Many such ice hotels have been up and running for a few years and offer a unique northern lights experience. And as with any other hotel, they have bars; in this case, ice bars! Sounds intriguing? If you are planning a trip to an ice hotel in one of the Northern countries, take a look at these 6 tips to enjoy an international drink at an ice bar before watching the northern lights.

TAKEAWAY: Did you know that the ice hotels are rebuilt every year? When the hotter months arrive, and the sun is reigning the sky, the hotels melt. So every November, artists from all over the world design and build a new version of the ice hotel. Towards late December or January, the ice hotel is open for business. However, by the end of May, it starts melting again, leaving a new set of designers a blank, cold canvas to begin next winter’s project.

1. On The Rocks

As obvious as it may sound, drinking cocktails in glasses made out of ice for the first time will leave every person excited and in awe. The glasses are purely made out of ice, sculpted and maintained at the bar just like any other regular bar having a set of their own barware.

Different ice bars have their own style of serving cocktails in the ice glass. One such example can be that of the Ice Bar Stockholm by Ice Hotel. They have unique glasses and they serve amazing themed cocktails! Sounds interesting? Well, Nordic mythology is the theme and they have drinks based on Mjolnir, Loki, Valhalla, Thor or Odin.

2. With Your Loved One

If you have planned a date/vacation with your loved one and want to do something before heading out to see the northern lights, you are in for a treat! Go to the ice bar and the whole experience will make your date the most memorable one so far. Staying in an igloo, heading out for a drink at the ice bar and sipping your cocktails out of an ice glass while sitting in an ice chair… sounds like an ideal and original date!

3. Accompanied By Delicious Food

No ice bar experience will ever be complete without food. To enjoy drinks at their best, one should also order food to accompany it. The overall hearty experience will delight your taste buds and set you in the mood to watch the northern lights.

As you can imagine, there are special menus for food as well. Some of the most common delicacies served are sliders, burgers, pizza, wings, chips, etc. Perfect to raise your inner temperature and fill your stomach. While the menus may vary from one ice bar to another, these are the most commonly served appetizers at ice bars.

4. Looking At Ice Sculptures

Ice bars offer a variety of activities from great music to skating rinks. But ice sculptures are something that almost all ice bars have. These figures signify the thoughts behind the artist’s and the bar’s ideology. Therefore, there are theme-based bars that have a lot of ice sculptures. Go grab your drink and look at these beautiful ones; you can try and guess the idea that inspired their creation.

5. On Fire

Not every ice bar has this, but what can be better and more courageous than having a Fire Lounge inside an ice bar. Fire lounges are present in a few ice bars that offer a variety of well mixed, hot drinks and flaming cocktails. If this doesn’t intrigue you, what will? Go for that flaming shot in the freezing ice bar and make your body warm.

6. At A Party

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Ice bars have occasional parties which make them special. Having drinks at the ice bar and then entering the dance floor with a warmer body will just loosen you up a little and you will be able to experience the best party of your life!

Northern lights do not continuously appear for everyone to see. There are lots of variables that come into play: the weather should be favorable, the visibility must be good, etc. Even then, the northern lights may not appear instantly. They do make you wait, especially in countries that are comparatively farther to the North Pole.

To avoid the monotony while waiting, head down to the nearest ice hotel and enjoy some food and a drink at an ice bar. These unique ice hotel experiences will definitely enhance your vacation.

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