How to See Italy in a Different Way

How to See Italy in a Different Way

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

Planning to visit Italy but want a special trip? Check out these ideas on how to see Italy in a different way!

When you love traveling, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and visit the towns and cities that you have previously been to and adored. However, this will not broaden your horizons or allow you to see what the country in question is truly like, both aesthetically and culturally. As such, here are some top tips that you should follow if you are tired of seeing the same old Italy and want to shake up your perspective a little.

1. Hire a Yacht

What could be better than a breezy and luxurious trip around the Italian coast, soaking in the sun while the beautiful Amalfi coast glides by in the distance? If you are passionate about the sea and love to be surrounded by sparkling waters, hiring a yacht could allow you the ultimate week or two of rest and relaxation, as this can offer you a true escape from the pressures of daily life.

There will be nothing to do on this trip other than see the sights, spot local wildlife, and steer your yacht to your next destination. Not only will you be able to see Italy from the water, but this will also give you the opportunity to explore the Amalfi coast and visit locales that you might not be able to reach if you fly into Rome. This means that you should look for a reputable yacht charter company as soon as possible.

2. Travel to Lesser-Known Destinations

As a beginner tourist, you might have been desperate to visit all the spots that you read about in travel guides and history books. Although these famous destinations can be magical in their own right, such as the gorgeous canals of Venice and the sparkling Spanish steps in Rome, you might have found that they were honey pots filled with camera-bearing tourists and did not give you insight into the true Italy.

Rather than believing that they are all Italy has to offer, you should consider heading off the beaten track to see a more genuine way of life, interacting with locals and eating dishes that are filled with Italian flavor, instead of those that have been created especially for tourists.

3. Stay in a Vacation Home

It can be tempting to let go of all responsibility for a few days and stay at one of the resorts that sprinkle the Italian coast. However, while this accommodation can be great for families and those who want a break from decision-making, you might find that you barely leave the resort in question.

Instead, you should opt for a vacation home as this can give you the chance to immerse yourself in Italian culture and experience what it is like to live in the area. This will enable you to go at your own pace and will force you to step foot outside of the four walls of where you are staying. This will also give you the chance to try out different foods as you will have to go grocery shopping each day.

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