Greek food

Mastering Greek-American Baking: Making Melomakarona

Plates full of delicious Greek-American baking recipes such as Melomakarona.

Georgia seemed to open the door and embrace us in one motion. As she hugged us, she called me and my sister by a Greek diminutive and asked, “your Yiyia called you that?” Once we assured her that Yiyia (our grandmother) had, she padded off down the hallway. Her kitchen and dining room look like that of any other elderly, …

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6 Cypriot Desserts To Enjoy in Summer

Ice coffee in a glass on a wooden table, one of the typical Cypriot desserts

Cyprus is located south of Turkey in the Mediterranean sea. This small island holds a long history. Since its settlement, Cyprus has served as the spot where empires meet; but this position is not without its challenges. Indeed, much of Cyprus’s political history involves conflict. This tension, however, does not tend to carry into the social culture anymore as much …

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