Cool Names for a Restaurant

Cool Names for a Restaurant

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

It can be a bit difficult to stand out from other restaurants. Good food and services are not always the only way to gain a good reputation. Let’s look at some cool names for a restaurant.

The days when a restaurant was all about the taste of the food on the plate is over. A great restaurant experience is about walking into a greater narrative that is created in combination with not only the taste, smell, and look of the food, but also the restaurant’s interior, the service, the music, and even the name of the restaurant. Simply chefs are not just working with our taste buds but also our minds.

So, let’s look at cool restaurant names, that is adding to the storytelling of the place, so the customers have a clear idea of the vibe of the place, before even making the reservation.

Look at these names


It might sound like entering a chemistry class with some poisoned food. Don’t worry. This is the name of a restaurant experimenting with everything from tastes, smells, and interior. So, a quite perfect name for the experience, the guests will enter.

The Codfather

Here we see a fun wordplay around the famous Hollywood movie and the white fish, cod. It’s saying very directly, what to expect from the menu.

Egglectic Cafe

The breakfast sounds quite eclectic at this café focusing on dishes with eggs as the main ingredient.


You can kind of call this café the best of England with the wordplay around the famous Stonehenge and their baked goods. You can probably also get some nice English tea.


This name is Italian slang for spaghetti. It’s catchy, short, tasty, and you will not be disappointed when you see what’s on the restaurant’s menu.

Turnip the Beet

This is playing around the wordplay: “Turn up the beat”. This name is associated with being in tune with the beat together with turnips and beetroots, so it’s becoming trendy to eat healthy, earthy vegetables.

How to come up with names for a restaurant by yourself

First, you should note down the keywords to put on your business. This can be your kind of food, your wished vibe, personality, your location, or your uniqueness. Great names might come up, as you note down all these keywords. But sometimes it’s not always that easy.

Instead, you can use name-generating services. Here you will enter your keywords and a generator will suggest a long list of ideas for you to use. You can even let the service only use options with an available domain name, so you can easily create a website for your restaurant or other business that you are about to establish.

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