Food Festivals in the UK

5 Best Food Festivals in the UK: 2019 Guide

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

While music festivals are fun when you’re young, a food festival is even more enjoyable. As you can enjoy great music while the food dazzles your taste buds. Something much appreciated as you get a bit older. Local vendors travel to offer their best cuisine at a yearly event. And their delicious street food produces memorable experiences offering dishes that always impress food lovers. British people love their “grub” and don’t want to suffer through another bad meal if they can avoid it. This has made food festivals in the UK a growing spot for foodies looking for an unforgettable weekend.

If you have visited all the street food markets in London and beyond and you are looking for more, you are going to love these food festivals. Here we will look at some of the best UK food festivals in 2019. But first, some useful tips on how to plan for one.

First, Plan Your Stay

Many people choose to camp in the nearby approved camping grounds. Bear in mind that it sometimes does rain in the UK, so you’ll need one of the best waterproof backpacking tents to ensure you stay dry and warm.

When picking a tent, ensure it is appropriately warm for the season you’ll be visiting. Most tents are good for the spring, summer and late fall. So you should be okay with a “3 season” version. Make sure you have ample room for the number of people who’ll be occupying it too. No one wants to be cramped!

Also, ensure that you have other camping equipment and festival gear for your stay. This includes sleeping bags, moisture-wicking clothing, boots for socking fields, a power bank for your phone and a flashlight. Here’s a checklist from REI to use.

Now that you are ready to go, check out these 5 food festivals in the UK to visit in 2019:

Pub Grows Legs


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The Pub in the Park concept from Tom Kerridge is a novel traveling festival. His idea was to take a pub tent, bartenders and chefs on the road. And travel to different locations across the UK through the good weather months. Worth noting, his own pub holds two Michelin stars, so catching him locally is well worth it.

Between May and into September, his team bring their pub concept on the road to eager local people wanting to give them a try. Their first stop is in Marlow over at Higginson Park and their last is in St. Albans, a comfortable distance from London by car or train if you’re trying to catch them.

Visit the website linked above to find out their exact planned locations through the traveling period. Also, see if you can snag a ticket in advance too.

Clitheroe Food Festival in Lancashire


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The Clitheroe Food Festival in the Ribble Valley is a stone’s throw from Manchester in the north of England, making it relatively easy to reach. Held on Saturday the 10th of August, the whole town gets together where locally sourced food and beer are offered! There are usually more than 100 stalls to try out different food and drink selections including cheese plates, chocolate delights and different varieties of coffee. There are often demonstrations by local chefs or a small wine tasting to broaden your understanding of the grape.

This part of Lancashire is filled with history, classic buildings and a village-like feel. It’s certainly an enjoyable spot to situate yourself for a weekend or longer if you prefer. Book a campsite or a B&B early to avoid disappointment.

Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall

Cornwall is always a popular place, especially in the summer months where brave folks sometimes take a dip in the ocean and sample the local food.

Come August 26th, the Newlyn Fish Festival is held. It’s the biggest fish festival in the UK which now lines the streets and into the industrial section near the coastline because it’s expanded so much. Live bands play on the stage, there’s fish available and sold at auction, and the Lugger Rowing Championship is held there too.

Also, if you plan on being in Cornwall for the previous month as well, then the Looe Lugger Regatta that’s only held bi-annually is run between the 5th and the 7th of July this year.

Big Feastival in the Cotswolds


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The Big Feastival – great name! – is held in the Cotswold from the 24th to the 26th of August, so it clashes with the Newlyn Fish Festival down south.

There will be impressive food prepared by celebrated chefs like Martin Morales, Tom Brown and Candice Brown this year and there’s a popular musical line-up too. The Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Jonas Blue and Four of Diamonds will be on-hand to provide the entertainment.

The festival also has many events and activities put on for families and kids, including fun play areas and children’s cooking classes. So, there will be activities to keep them occupied too.

Food Rocks in Lyme Regis

The coastal location of Lyme Regis is home to the Food Rocks food festival between the 7th and 8th of September. Food tents are set up right on the sand making them easier to access.

There are plenty of cooking demonstrations to learn a thing or two and excellent bites to eat when you get hungry. Special guest chefs are still to be announced, but last year included Mitch Tonks and Michael Caines.

Which food festival do you want to visit? Perhaps make a round trip of it and see several in the same month!

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