Happy Hours in Los Angeles You Can´t Miss

Happy Hours in Los Angeles You Can´t Miss

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

Take a much-awaited break from your hectic work schedule and unwind yourself by socializing with your loved ones during the happy hours in Los Angeles at your favorite restaurant. Happy hours are a great opportunity to relish the delightful taste of mouth-watering cocktails and appetizers, and that too at a discounted price!

So, forget about the hassle and stress of researching the top food and drink deals to save big bucks. Just sit back, relax and read this easy guide1

Let’s end the wait and check out these seven happy hour food and drink deals in Los Angeles.      

Happy Hours in Los Angeles


Happy Hour: Tuesday-Friday, 5 to 7pm

Theia is definitely a must-visit food and drink restaurant to get amazing deals for happy hours in Los Angeles. You can relax your senses in their warm and inviting atmosphere. This restaurant features an indoor space and an airy outdoor seating that beautifully adorns the way taking you to the bar’s entrance door.

So, you can walk on the royal red carpet and enjoy the luxurious feel while taking your drink. You can grab the selected food and drink deals during Theia’s happy hour that lasts for only two hours, but completely value for money! So, if you enter between the visiting hours from five to seven in evening, you can dive into the rich flavor of discounted appetizers, cocktails, and a wide range of house wines.   

Bacari W. 3rd

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday, 5 to 7pm

Bacari is a Mediterranean-style restaurant that offers money-savingdeals during happy hours in Los Angeles. Beautifully surrounded with lush green gardens and bright yellow seating arrangement, this modern-age bar is perfect to give you the sense of dining at your dream restaurant in the scenic view of Italy or Greece.

You can even sit around in the bar that is open for 2 hours every weeknight and get drinks at an unbeatable price. So, make a pick from beer, wine or sangria, and indulge in the happy hours for a light-hearted conversation with your family, friends, and colleagues!

Big Bar

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday, 2 to 7pm

Enter into the hustle and bustle of this stunning bar and experience the vintage charm along with the carefully selected menu that is sure to impress you!  The walls of this bar is decorated with green vines climbing up, and the sparkling lights are a show-stealer at night to make you feel high on energy.    

You can avail the discounted prices on food and drinks for the happy hours in Los Angeles that is for three hours all around the week, but not available on Saturday and Sunday. You can even explore discounts on the signature cocktails and selected dishes.      

Happy Hours in Santa Monica

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

Happy Hour: Every day, 4 to 6pm

Esters Wine Shop and Bar is located near Santa Monica Beach on 7th Street. This artistically designed bar showcases an art deco design and a lively atmosphere. When you enter into this amazing bar, you will get swayed with the charm of thoughtfully organized wine bottles and the whole-hearted laughter of the people enjoying their favorite wine.    

If you want to visit this exciting restaurant during the happy hours in Santa Monica, every week day can be perfect for you from four to seven in the evening. So, savor the delicious taste of your favorite meal with the most attractive food and drink deals that are a not-to-miss affair, especially if you are a wine lover. You can even order a red, white and rose wine in your happy hours, beer and bartender’s choice cocktails.

The Misfit Bar & Restaurant

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday, 12 to 4pm

The Misfit bar and restaurant is another fascinating bar and restaurant to order budget-friendly drinks. This great place is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, just in the vicinity of the thrilling beach.

The Misfit is a one-of-a-kind gastropub that you would normally visualize in a classic gastropub. So, you can visit this bar in happy hours in Santa Monica, when you can only need to pay half the price of your lovable cocktail, wine, and beer from the opening time until seven for all days.   

Milo & Olive

Happy Hour: Monday-Thursday, 3 to 5 pm

Situated just two miles away from Santa Monica Beach, Milo & Olive is a great place to leave your worries aside and rejoice in the upbeat vibe! You can even eat appetizers, the most popular among them being the fresh prosciutto di parma and parmesan. So, what better way to save big bucks than getting food and drink deals during happy hours in Santa Monica!  

You can choose from any of these happy hour deals from Monday to Thursday between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm:

  • House Mixed olives-  $7 
  • House pickles- $ 5
  • Arancini- $3
  • Seasonal Crostini- $ 3
  • And much more.

Birdie G’s

Happy Hour: Every day, 5 to 6pm

Birdie G’s is an enchanting American restaurant that is a loved hang-out place in Santa Monica. This restaurant provides you with a warm and cozy space to sit together with your family or friends and refresh your mind in a relaxing ambiance. You can check out the amazing menu of this restaurant that covers dishes like foie gras torchon and smoked fish dip along with the traditionally prepared American dishes like fried chicken and mac & cheese. You can even go to this bar and lounge while the happy hours in Santa Monica are on-the-go!

Wrapping Up

So, pamper your taste buds and enjoy a fun evening with your friends to create memories that they will cherish forever. The happy hour deals can save you from creating a hole in your pocket with the affordable prices that fit into your budget, tastes and liking. However, the food and drink happy hour deals can vary over the course of time. So, it’s better to call the restaurant in advance or browse online before visiting it. 

Do you know any other happy hour in Los Angeles we should add to this list? Just drop us a comment! 

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