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8 Best Things To Eat In California

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

California is often a go-to location for tourists exploring the states, and there certainly is no shortage of things to do. You will never find yourself bored while visiting this popular destination. And this beautiful state of the West Coast has also so much to offer to foodies and wine lovers. From San Francisco wine tours to delicious foods that are unique to the area.  Today, we are exploring some of the best things to eat in California. Whether you are into fast foods or rather prefer the healthy kind, there will surely be something for you on our list.

Tacos Villa Corona’s Breakfast Burrito

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Why not start your day off with one of the best breakfast burritos that you are going to find in the California region. Get up and pay a visit to Tacos Villa Corona, who has become quite famous for their breakfast burrito. They are one of the few chains that are able to achieve that perfect combination between potato, chorizo, and, of course, let’s not forget the egg. Plus, there is no need to sit down and wait for your order – the people at Tacos Villa Corona work quickly so that you can grab a bite in just a few minutes.

Hodad’s Cheeseburger

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If you simply want something basic, yet delicious, then try out the Cheeseburger from Hodad’s. This is a simple, juicy burger that comes with all the fillings that you would come to expect from one of the best burgers in the California region – nothing more and nothing less. The cheeseburger is served with a couple of potato wedges to really complete your meal.

Craftsman And Wolves’ The Rebel Within

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Looking for something with a hidden surprise? Then you should definitely not miss out The Rebel Within, only available at Craftsman And Wolves. This savory muffin is not only one of the most delicious muffins you are going to get in California but comes with a hidden surprise on the inside – a gooey boiled egg.

Sushirrito’s Original Sushi Burrito

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Everyone knows that you can get some of the best burritos in California – and here’s yet another one you can try out. The Sushirrito has become quite a popular trend amongst those people who love sushi. There’s quite a variety of options to choose from when you opt for a Sushirrito – with all the goodness of the burrito wrapped in a delicious layer of sushi, instead of dough.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos’ Fish Tacos

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If you love fish and you are a fan of tacos, then you should pay a visit to Ricky’s Fish Tacos, one of the only locations in California where these two come together. This company’s Fish Tacos have won several awards, including the best fish taco award from LA Weekly, as well as from Serious Eats.

Bottega Louie’s Macarons

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Macarons are the favorite dessert of many people, but the problem is that not all bakeries can make these taste as delicious as they should taste. Bottega Louie, however, knows how to tickle your taste buds with the perfect recipe for Macarons. Grab a box of rainbow Macarons from this bakery, and you will surely not regret your decision.

Phil’s BBQ’s Baby Back Ribs

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If you enjoy a rack of ribs, then you need to visit Phil’s BBQ while you are in California. This is the best place to go to if you want a delicious serving of baby back ribs, served with some French fries and a salad on the side. Phil’s BBQ was recently also featured as a go-to place to eat at Yelp.

Beijing Pie House’s House Meat Pie

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Where do you go if you love dumplings and pies? To Beijing Pie House, of course. This bakery features a very popular House Meat Pie, which is a pie that has all the great fillings one would come to expect from dumplings. The fillings have a great flavor and taste really great, and these pies are perfectly bite-sized.

A visit to California should definitely be accompanied by a taste of the many food varieties that can be found in restaurants, takeaway locations, and even local food stalls found all over the place. No matter what foods you are into, you are very likely to find some experimental recipes used by the cooks throughout the state that will truly satisfy your taste buds. We looked at some of the best foods that you can eat in the California state – now it is up to you to start exploring.

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