Style Guidelines

Style guidelines for content contributors:

First of all, thanks for your interest in writing for Travel for Food Hub, we are always looking for foodies and travelers to contribute to the community!

Before you send us an article for approval, please check if there is similar content on the blog already. And if you are not sure, you can send us your content idea before you start writing.

Read our style guidelines and follow them carefully to ensure we can publish your post. We want your contributions to be engaging to readers and shareable through social media. This is essential for us to protect our brand’s reputation for quality and to build yours as an author too!


All articles must talk about food and/or travel. For example local food, street food, food markets, restaurants, food experiences and unique travel tips normally work very well for our audience.

The topic of the article should be preferably linked to a specific destination, be it a city, a region or a country.

We also accept articles about recipes and cooking tips.

We don’t accept articles about fitness or diet foods.


Articles should be around 1,200 words. But quality is more important to us!


Please make sure you follow this structure:

  • Introduction: one or two paragraphs giving an overall view and presenting the topic.
  • Subheaders: for each point, followed by one, two or three paragraphs explaining the idea.
  • Conclusion: one or two paragraphs concluding what has been presented and when possible referencing an idea displayed in the intro.

The number of subheaders to include in a list article will be of your choice – although we recommend to include between 3 and 8. For instance, “5 dishes you should try when visiting Barcelona”.

················ VERY IMPORTANT! ················

Each article should include a curious fact that we call the article’s takeaway. This curiosity will be highlighted within the article and will be the main takeaway for readers. It can be something interesting that the audience will want to share with their travel companion or with locals when traveling. It will also have the purpose to awake your readers’ interest, help them create a bond with Travel for Food Hub and its writers and come back to the website to learn more interesting facts about gastronomy in other cultures. For example:

TAKEAWAY: ‘Tapar ’ in Spanish means ‘ to cover ’ and the term dates back hundreds of years. Back then, the ham legs that hung in bars would attract swarms of flies. Bartenders used to give a free plate of ham or chorizo to customers when they ordered a glass of wine, and they would use this plate of meat as a covering for the drink to protect it from the insects. (From the article “7 Differences Between Tapas And Pintxos“)

Style specifications

  • Be specific, avoid being too general and vague.
  • We ask for unique content that is not posted anywhere else — either prior to submission or afterwards. We will always double check and any case of plagiarism will not be published.
  • Promotional links are not allowed unless agreed with our editors beforehand. If you are interested please fill out our sponsored content form.
  • All anchor texts should be natural, avoiding domains and URLs.
  • You can use American or British English but make sure you keep consistency using the same one along the whole piece. Other languages are not accepted.
  • Try to use as many synonyms as you can so you don’t repeat the same word or expression too often.
  • Always bear in mind that the article might be read by someone who doesn’t know that specific culture, so you should explain any foreign terms.
  • To make your article easier to read, make sure you break down the information into different sentences. Avoid using very long sentences. Remember also that one sentence is not the same as one paragraph. Therefore, every paragraph may include more than one sentence.
  • Any insider tips are welcome. This kind of information gives a real value to the article, so if you would recommend a certain dish from a menu or to visit a restaurant at a specific time to avoid queues, then definitely mention it.


Feature images and included by our editorial team but if there is an image you want us to use, please send us a link to the image on Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay or similar.

The articles published on Travel for Food Hub always include some Instagram pictures to help us get to a broader audience in social media.

You can suggest some Instagram pictures you want us to use. To do so just open the Instagram picture you want to use, selecting and copying the URL, and pasting it your article submission.

Our editorial team will decide if your picture suggestions are used or not.

Note that once you submit your work to Travel for Food Hub, it belongs to the publication and you are not allowed to publish it anywhere else. Travel for Food Hub has the right to make amends to contributor’s work if considered necessary without the author’s permission. Also, note that no money will be refunded once the content has been published.

Here are two examples of excellent articles to inspire you:

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Thank you so much for contributing to Travel for Food Hub, you make this community better!