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8 New York Foodies To Follow On Instagram

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

New York is a mixing bowl of food culture. From the many trending culinary creations that originated in the city to the culturally diverse cuisine offerings at every corner, there is no wonder why food from New York is so Instagrammable.

Foodies from all around the world favor New York as one of the hot spots to eat and, of course, take food photos. If you are looking for a great place to eat, or just along to enjoy some tasty pictures, read on to learn about the best New York foodies to follow on Instagram!


Una publicación compartida de Jean Lee (@jeaniuseats) el

Jean is a New York City native, and the foodie behind jeaniuseats. Her travels as a global event planner visiting countries all over the world enhanced her passion for food. As a result, she has created a few food Instagrams to pursue that passion. Jeaniuseats is one of the foodie Instagrams Jean runs to highlight her fabulous food finds in the city.

This foodie takes her followers along with her as she dines on some of the most visually appealing meals New York has to offer. Fine dining and good eats are both frequent features of this account. Pasta and ramen noodles are an apparent favorite. Be sure to hit follow to find out about dishes you could never imagine and where to eat them in New York.


Jeremy Jacobowitz built his brand by showcasing everyone’s favorite meal of the day. Brunchboys is more than an Instagram account; an accompanying website provides guides and articles on the best brunches of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As for the account itself, it delivers exactly what it promises. Catch glimpses of burgers topped with fried eggs, fluffy pancakes, and plenty of avocado toast, along with other brunch meals. If you weren’t a fan of brunch before, this account will surely make you reconsider.


Pairs of ice cream cones and sweet treats make it clear that Feedyourgirlfriend is an Instagram built for two. This couple specializes in photographing cute and creative desserts from Williamsburg and beyond. These cool cones come with unusual toppings and beautiful pastels unlike your average ice cream scoop.

Creamy swirls and scoops three stacks high are just the beginning of these crazy snacks. Cotton candy, dry cereal, cookies, and churros are common additions to the ice cream featured on this account. Feedyourgirlfriend is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar rush.


Alex Aldeborgh is an NYU graduate student who has set her sights on healthy eating on a budget. Daisybeet is made up of mostly Alex’s own healthy creations neatly photographed against a white background. Each dish is full of the vibrant colors of different fruits and vegetables. Each photo description has a list of the ingredients as well so you can try the same dish at home.

Fruit bowls made with chia seeds and peanut butter are one simple meal Alex creates a lot. For fans of avocado, you’ll find it on toast, spaghetti, salads, and more here. Eating healthy can be hard when you live in a city with tempting dishes at every corner. This account is great for a little inspiration on eating healthy, deliciously.


Melty cheese and comfort food favorites may take center stage for yeahfoodbeer, but you can bet you’ll see a craft beer or two accompanying several meals. No food group is ever excluded from the mix of what this foodie eats.

More than just the food, yeahfoodbeer has a lot of personality attached to every picture. Account runner, Steph, promises “tasty food puns” in her profile description, and she definitely delivers. Every post contains a clever food pun relating to each individual photograph.

TAKEAWAY: Videos of people pulling apart a dish with a cheesy filling like grilled cheese or mozzarella sticks is known as a cheese pull. You are likely to see at least one pull from a foodie Instagram at some point, because this crowd pleaser is as satisfying to watch as it is to eat for cheese fans.

Scroll through this account to find gooey cheese pulls, large portions, and clever word play on every post.


If you’re visiting the city and need a suggestion on a good place to eat, check out top_nyc_restaurants. This Instagram account is a part of a website that specializes in the best restaurants from cities around the world. For the New York page, you’ll find entries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is sure to spark a craving in any Instagrammer.

The account posts original content and reposts submissions from New Yorkers and visitors who think they have come across a really special dish. Scroll long enough and you’ll definitely find a picture from one of the other foodies listed above.


Foodmento has created a bit of a name for itself as being a platform for user-based food discovery. Through the application, you can find your perfect dish through recommendations by other foodies. You also have the option to make a reservation, order out, or have it delivered.

Jeff is the man behind the foodmento Instagram. The account is New York based, but will occasionally have posts from other parts of the country. The account is a testament to the app and to the great food of New York, but also a simply entertaining foodie profile. The highlight of Jeff’s posts is the videos that capture the artistry of food in ways a picture can’t, with a bit of music as an added bonus.


This account has the best of both worlds. Cy_eats is a food and travel Instagram based in Washington, DC and New York. Steamy cocktails, perfectly cooked eggs, and a bit of home cooking are all things to look forward from this foodie.

The food featured on cy_eats is nothing short of mouth watering. However, the real treat is seeing what she makes herself. Video posts capture her cooking process and always end with a final glimpse of the finished product.

The Instagram foodies of New York are guaranteed to have a lot of charisma and even more stunning food photos. For those eager to peruse through pictures for a good place to eat, or to get an idea of the exciting food culture of New York, follow these accounts to get your fill.

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