Food experiences you need to try on your travels in 2023

Food experiences you need to try on your travels in 2023

Last Updated on August 22, 2023

Culinary experiences can make or break a holiday. If you’ve got an adventure planned this year, it’s crucial to get an idea of the local cuisine.

Whether you’ve got a soft spot for homemade pasta or you’d like to sample some more adventurous Mediterranean delights, we’ve outlined a few of the most delectable foods and culinary experiences to try.

Why should we explore new cuisines on holiday?

Consumption is an integral part of culture. Deeply rooted in family and ancestral tradition, some recipes date back hundreds or even thousands of years and tell tales of the way we live.

When you try new foods with your family or loved ones on holiday, you’ll be brought closer together. You’ll discover new textures and flavours that you’ve never experienced before, and if you’re lucky enough to be cooked for by a local expert, you could learn some fascinating history too.

Recent studies have also shown that children are much more likely to try new foods while on holiday, with paella and avocado listed as some of the most popular choices. So, whether you’re expanding your own palette or helping a fussy eater develop theirs, going on holiday could provide a fruitful opportunity.

Four unmissable culinary experiences on holiday

Street food tours

No matter the country you visit, exploring local markets will help you to capture the very essence of the region and its people. From the shouts and hollers of the tradesman to the savoury scents wafting from one stall to the next, the market could be almost kaleidoscopic for your senses.

As you tour a street market, you’ll witness an incredible show of colour and texture. Food journalists rave about the Catalan street food in Barcelona, teeming with gorgeous tomatoes, fresh seafood, and slowly simmered meats.

Farm-to-table feasting

If you eat meat, it’s not always easy to dine sustainably when you’re on holiday. However, eco-tourism is booming amid the climate crisis, and there’s an incredible array of farm-to-table feasting tours to discover.

This type of experience could not only be tantalising for your tastebuds but help you to truly appreciate the journey your food makes from the field to the fork.

By visiting local farms or market stalls and buying produce directly from the grower, you’ll be doing your bit for the community. Furthermore, celebrating local produce can be done in mesmerising and awe-inspiring locations from castles to quaint farmhouses.

Seafood sensations on a yacht

If you feel most at home above the water, why not indulge in the natural delights of the sea? No matter how far you’ll be sailing, a private yacht charter could lead you to a dazzling array of delicious seafood.

From marinated tiger prawns to delicacies like bluefin tuna, baby eel and caviar, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to trying new seafood while on holiday. And the best part of being on the yacht is that you’ll be able to see just how fresh the food you’re eating truly is.

Vineyard tours and wine tasting

With award-winning regions forecasting stable or even bumper harvests this year, there’s no better time to head on a wine-tasting tour. Italy and Spain produce high-quality wines worth trying, but we’d always recommend touring France if you’re serious about wine.

From the fertile, rolling fields of Provence to Burgundy, there’s a lot to be said about the best wine-growing regions in France. World-famous vineyards, luxury hotels, and warm summer weather will be waiting for you along with all your favourite wines, including Champagne, Chablis, and Beaujolais.


From yachting the seas to exploring vineyards on foot, an incredible array of foods could be waiting for you just a short flight from home. Just remember to check all the latest travel advice before you depart, and plan carefully if you suffer from any allergies or intolerances!

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