Top 8 Best Places to Eat in Tulum

Top 8 Best Places to Eat in Tulumfood

Last Updated on June 8, 2023

Tulum on the Caribbean Coast of the Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula may be less popular than the bigger resort, Cancun to the north but many opinions say that it has a little more style. Its growth is a fairly recent phenomenon but everything a tourist might want in there. Cuisine of all kinds caters to tourist demand so restaurants and amazing places to eat in Tulum are found in all areas. 

Your decision on where to stay in Tulum may also impact upon the first places you decide to eat. You can find top-quality restaurants in Tulum as well as places for those on a budget. Here are some ideas for you, split into four beach zones and the popular district of Pueblo.

If you are looking for a top-quality restaurant and you are prepared to pay, Middle Beach is certainly a place where you will get a choice. Arca and Hartwood below definitely qualify as fine, but not cheap, dining with the third, a nice place where the prices are somewhat lower.

There are fewer restaurants serving hot food at North Beach than in other parts of Tulum. 

South Beach is an area with a number of beach clubs and also a district where fine dining is readily available.

If you don’t want to stay on the beach, the most popular district to stay is Pueblo. It follows that as well as plenty of accommodation, Pueblo has plenty of restaurants.

Let’s look at the list of top 8 best places to eat in Tulum.

1. Mezzanine

Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Mezzanine is at your service. The restaurant at this hotel offers Thai cuisine served in a beachside location. You may have spent a day at North Beach but your accommodation is elsewhere. Stay for an early dinner because the setting at sunset is magical. Head off home after a great meal.

2. Arca

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If you want to give yourself a treat one night but generally want to control your spending for dinner, this is one of the places to consider. Arca was the idea of a well-known international chef, José Luis Hinostroza, and combines Mexican and Mayan cuisine. The menu changes regularly and that reflects the produce available. It will always be the freshest of seafood and locally produced meat and vegetables. You will need to make a reservation.

3. Hartwood

Hartwood falls into a similar category; somewhere for a special night unless you have no financial constraints. Local organic produce is the basis for the menu which changes each day. The open-air jungle setting adds to the experience of dining at Hartwood. Dishes are usually cooked over an open fire. The whole place is eco-friendly using solar energy with candles providing light at night. You need to book well in advance of your arrival in Tulum.

4. Ukami

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Ukami combines Japanese ideas with Mayan cuisine to create a very interesting and different menu. You will find sushi alongside many Mexican favourites. Try the oriental dumplings or the use of hot teriyaki sauce with tacos or traditional Japanese miso soup with tortillas. Dine in the open air or undercover in a casual atmosphere.

5. NU

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NU’s reputation has spread far beyond Tulum. It combines Mayan and Mexican cuisine, using local produce. Its owners, led by Cesar Castaneda, a well-known Mexican chef, originate from Mexico City and the atmosphere they have created makes their restaurant a great place for a romantic evening. Dine at NU surrounded by the jungle and under the stars.

6. Wild

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Enjoy open-air dining surrounded by the jungle at Wild. Mayan and international cuisine is available while you can have a drink in the cocktail bar before making your choices. The menu is exclusively prepared from local produce, fish, meat, and vegetables cooked over an open fire. Make reservations in advance.

7. Mateo’s Mexican Grill

If you want a rooftop view of Tulum’s sunset with views of the jungle, Mateo’s is for you. The menu of this restaurant mixes Mexican with a touch of American. Dishes range from fish tacos to ceviche made with the day’s catch. Live music is another attraction of this multi-storied restaurant. Prices are competitive and lookout for special offers, including 2 for 1s.

8. El Asadero

El Asadero is a place to enjoy meat. Steaks and much more are El Asadero’s speciality with Mexican accompaniments for a great dining experience. Whether you want a T- bone, rib-eye, or other cuts, try them here. You will find other things on the menu ranging from salmon to chicken. Have you had grilled cactus before? Now’s your chance.


You will find restaurants at every turn in Tulum. You will need to book some of them in advance, at times long before you start your holiday.

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