7 South Korean Dishes You Cannot Miss

7 South Korean Dishes You Cannot Miss

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Traveling affords many people experiences that are unique and enriching, especially for people who love to try out new dishes and activities. If you are an avid traveler, then you appreciate the benefits of trying out different cuisines and local food. It opens you up to the people and makes it easy for you to understand the culture of such people, especially if you are meeting them for the first time when it is important to know the culture and have an idea of what are, in this case, the best known South Korean dishes. There is no easier and more pleasant way to learn about a people’s culture than through their food choices, etiquettes, and preparation.

Below are some of the fantastic South Korean dishes you will most certainly come across when you travel to South Korea at any time of the year. Make sure to try them out when next you visit the region.

1.   Mugeunji

After vaping on your favorite effective CBD tincture, you certainly want to enjoy something filling and refreshing. Try out the Mugeunji, which is one of Korea’s best foods. It is made of radish and kimchi. Other regions call it the Hanokjib Kimchi-jjim, one of the most popular Kimchis served in South Korea. Mugeunji takes six months to ferment to be ready. Some places serve it even after three years of fermentation which makes it perfect for your health.

While the smell calls for attention, anyone who understands the nutritional value of fermented foods will jump at the offer of enjoying this rich meal.

2.   Dak Galbi


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This is the perfect delicacy for people who enjoy a great bite of well-fried chicken. It is a stir-fried chicken dish originating from Chuncheon city. To prepare it, the chicken is cooked on large hot plates that are built on the table. Besides the chicken, it also has cabbage, coarsely chopped leeks, onions, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes.

These condiments are then bathed in a hot and sweet-sour sauce made of soy sauce, red pepper, and turmeric. The rich spices make it a perfect mix of flavors. While it may appear messy and not perfectly presented, this dish works.

3. Bibimbap

Anyone who loves South Korean food will not pass on the Bibimbap as one of the must-have dishes when around this region. It is one of the staples in Korea, just like fried chicken is. The delicacy is made by mixing veggies, fluffy rice, and a paste of spicy red pepper to add a perfect zing. Sample the different types of Bibimbap, especially the dolsot, because it is one of the best types.

The topping on raw egg on the sizzling hot stone makes a perfect addition to your Bibimbap. Mix it all quickly while the food is still hot to cook the egg if you are not into raw eggs.

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4.   Galbi


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Have you heard about Korean BBQ? This is exactly what people think about when talking about Korean BBQ. It comprises several items but may sometimes only have one item, which is the meat. By all standards, Galbi is one of the best dishes in Korea, especially in cities like Seoul. The good thing is that these dishes are viable in almost every corner of Korean streets. Walk into the nearest restaurant and order what you want, and a server will bring you a serving of raw beef and pork.

5.   Gimbap


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This is rice wrapped in some dried seaweed with a stuffing of ham, an egg, and vegetables. Most of the vegetables included in the dish are seasonal, which makes this dish special and unique since vegetables are never the same at any one time. Most people order the dish and decide what type of fillings they want to be included in the dish.

6.   Dubu Kimchi


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Dubu Kimchi is soft tofu that you are going to enjoy. It will remind you of fresh fatty bacon. This is the perfect side dish that comes with most spicy Korean dishes. Make sure to taste this popular dish available in almost all eateries on the streets of South Korea. One thing you can be sure of is that it is worth every coin you spend on it. The food is rich in ingredients and spices, assuring you of the healthy option you want.

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7.   Sundae


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If you want to try a more traditional Korean dish, then the Sundae will be a perfect choice. Do not be surprised if you feel a bit squeamish the first time you look at the meal. However, this should not discourage you from trying it out, considering how delicious it is. What’s more, it will likely be easy on your pockets and makes a perfect snack on the go. It is made from pig or cow intestines with rice and vegetables.

Final Thoughts

There are all kinds of exciting dishes in South Korea. All you have to do is become adventurous with food and try out the different servings available.

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