6 Awesome Plans for Thrill-Seekers in Spain

6 Awesome Plans for Thrill-Seekers in Spain

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

When you say Spain, people usually think of long beaches, tasty Spanish food, and authentic local music. But Spain has much more to offer in terms of tourism, especially for adventure-seekers. It has versatile geography and several types of climate, ranging from the Mediterranean (with hot and arid summers) to a cool, oceanic climate in the north. Spain’s enchanting natural diversity hosts dozens of wonderful places for adrenaline junkies and regular adventurers. Let’s find out more about some of the most amazing plans for thrill-seekers in Spain.

Surfing in Ibiza and Mundaka


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The Balearic Islands are an archipelago situated off the southern coast of Mallorca and one of the most interesting tourist spots for young travelers. The famous islands of Ibiza and Mallorca are popular among teenagers and young adults for their parties and sand beaches.

In addition to that, Ibiza is an attractive destination for surfers.

The most popular surfing spot on Ibiza is Cala Aigua Blanca, in the north of the island, as well as Cala Nova. Ibiza boasts some other interesting surfing spots, as well. Since this island is closer to the land than other islands of the archipelago, it would be a logical choice for a younger crowd who wants to party and surf.

On the other hand, Mundaka is a well-known surfing spot on the northern Spanish coastline. Situated on the Atlantic coast, in the Basque Country, Mundaka gets a lot of strong swells from the north and northwest. It’s especially windy in autumn and winter. However, it’s not only a surfing destination but also a cozy little fishing town with an interesting history.

Scuba diving on the Costa Brava


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The Costa Brava, situated north of Barcelona, is a renowned coastal strip of hotels, beaches, and famous restaurants. Since there are many family resorts in this area, it’s a common choice for families from different parts of Europe.

There’s an abundance of underwater wildlife along this part of the coast. That’s why Costa Brava is one of the most interesting Scuba diving spots in Europe, and especially the Medes Islands, situated only a few kilometers off the coast.

You don’t have to bring your own diving equipment because there are dozens of rentals here. Just come to the Costa Brava, and you’ll find here everything you need for a wonderful diving adventure.

Tarifa for kiteboarders plus Gibraltar


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Situated on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa is popular among kiteboarders and sailing enthusiasts. As this passage between Africa and Europe is a windy area with hot summers, it’s a perfect spot for these wind-charged adventures. Plus, knowing that it’s the southernmost spot in Europe adds to the uniqueness of this place.

While you’re there, think about visiting Cadiz and Gibraltar.

Cadiz is popular as a great place for surfers, windsurfers, and kiteboarders. It’s situated some 100 km to the northwest from Tarifa. And is on of the greatest plans for thrill-seekers in Spain.

Gibraltar is a unique place with a rich history and unique terrain. Although a British Overseas Territory, it’s physically situated on the Iberian Peninsula, some 40 km to the northeast from Tarifa. While there, you can climb the Rock of Gibraltar, as one of the most exciting climbing spots in this part of the Peninsula.

Canyoning along the Costa del Sol


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If you’ve visited Tarifa and/or Gibraltar, the Costa del Sol is the next logical step of your Spanish adventure.

This coastal region situated around Marbella, all the way to Malaga, is renowned for its long, sandy beaches and hot summer breezes. From the wide range of exciting activities, canyoning is the most authentic one.

This coast has a lot of caves, steep hills, and secluded spots by the sea. Together with the gorges of the Guadalmina River, this is a perfect combination for canyoning, which includes hiking, mountaineering, and climbing. Since these tours include conquering the local currents and rock slides, you need to be a good swimmer and in great physical shape.

When you get your shots of adrenaline from canyoning, go down to the coast and relax by the azure sea. Younger people might want to stay here all season to work and get to know the area in greater detail. Our two cents before you go there: learn some Spanish in advance to improve your starting position as a worker.

Catalonia for skaters and skiers


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Catalonia is as close as you can get to California in Spain and it’s a must if you are looking for plans for thrill-seekers in Spain. With its warm Mediterranean climate and high mountains in the background, Barcelona is the center of this amazing region.

Apart from the geographical similarities, Barcelona and Los Angeles have another thing in common: skaters. Due to its hilly but not steep layout, the capital of Catalonia is a promised land for skaters. You can see them everywhere, from large, modern skate parks to streets and beaches.

If you’re into skateboarding, Barcelona should be the first pick of the draft for your Spanish adventure. Also, it’s one of the best nightlife cities in Europe, which is a perfect combo for fun-seeking adventurers.

On the other hand, you can improve your skiing skills in one of the numerous ski resorts on the hills of the Catalan Pyrenees. They have activities for both families with children and individual adventurers, so everyone can find something interesting in this part of Spain.

Final word

The fact that Spain is a tourist jewel is common knowledge. However, this country offers much more than sunshine, beaches, and food. From skiing in the north and surfing in the northwest to canyoning in the southeast and scuba diving, there are plans for thrill-seekers in Spain for all sorts of adventurers.

And truth be told, this is only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to this country. So pack up, choose your Spanish destinations from this guide, and hit the road to get to know your thrilling Spain.


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