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How To Find The Best Restaurants In London

Last Updated on January 4, 2019

From elegant restaurants that offer all kinds of international cuisine, to cheap dishes to take away. You will surely find the perfect dish for your palate at any of the popular restaurants in London. Each neighbourhood has its own speciality and we will help you find the best restaurants in London.

There are restaurants with unique architectural styles, with the best attention and welcome to its visitors; from restaurants with terraces and chimneys to restaurants where the chef prepares his food in front of the diners. There is a wide variety. From sharing an exquisite pasta with the best wine harvest in a very elegant Italian restaurant to devouring a succulent hamburger with French fries in an American café, set in the 60s! Can you believe it? It is really impressive to be able to enjoy and experience the great variety of cuisine that London brings to your table. The sky is the limit when it comes to living a culinary experience in this magnificent city.

A wide variety of restaurants are scattered throughout the city of London. From those located next to Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden to those unusual places located in neighbourhoods like Bermondsey and Dalston. If you have the opportunity to be in London for longer, you can easily visit some of its best restaurants with a single click. But if you only have to spend one night in London, it will be really difficult to choose a restaurant to dine and enjoy the flavours of London.


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If you are curious about where to find the best restaurants in the city, or even if you are passionate about food and you are dying to explore the seasoning and cuisine of London, we offer you some tips that will help you discover the best restaurants in all the city.

Where to find the best restaurants in London

Obviously, many of the best restaurants in London are located in the most central and tourist areas of the city, in order to attract hordes of tourists visiting London throughout the year. Particularly, Soho offers you a very rich and abundant international culinary experience. Since being full of the best restaurants in London, you can delight yourself with exquisite dishes such as Catalan tapas, Asian stir-fry, Turkish pizzas and Taiwanese street food.


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Another central area of London full of fabulous restaurants (Spanish, African, Moroccan, French, Thai, Belgian, Indonesian) is Covent Garden, as it offers a variety of international food and is also home to the world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, as well as a lot of hamburger sites, sushi lounges, steakhouses and street cover places. You will find the best pizza party in London at Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro, on a side street just a few short blocks from Harrods’s.

Chelsea and Kensington also have a lot of restaurants worth visiting, but they are generally the most expensive in the city. There are classic Italian and French restaurants scattered in almost every corner of the city, as well as places with diverse cultural roots such as Iranian, Indian, Lebanese, Argentinean and Chinese restaurants, which will certainly not disappoint you.

If you really want to delight yourself with true London cuisine, you will have to venture out on a trip outside central London. In recent years, Bermondsey, Brixton, Clerkenwell, Angel and Islington have become a gastronomic paradise thanks to the variety of restaurants offering all kinds of culinary dishes. The areas near Maltby Street and Borough Market have become a Mecca for food lovers. While Islington and Angel have some of the best vegetarian and seafood restaurants in the city. And believe it or not, Clerkenwell has also earned a reputation as a restaurant centre among locals over the years. And it offers everything from rooftop bars, Asian bread restaurants, Venetian cuisine and much more. In other words, you can find anything you want and of course with adjustments to your budget.

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