Food Lover's Guide to London

Food Lover’s Guide to London

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

Hey there! London is not just famous for its historic landmarks and vibrant culture; it’s also a food lover’s dream! National Geographic even named it the ultimate food city in the world – how cool is that?

No matter if you’re a laid-back food enthusiast or a fancy gourmet aficionado, this guide will be your BFF to navigate through London’s buzzing food scene. And hey, if you want to make it extra special, think about hopping on a private jet to London! You can start your British food adventure right on the plane with custom-made dishes and unique meals.

Oh, and don’t forget to dive into some traditional British grub while you’re here! It’s an absolute must-try, trust me!

Traditional British Cuisine

When in London, experiencing the authentic British culinary heritage is a must.

British cuisine, often underrated, offers comforting dishes that capture the essence of the country’s rich heritage. From the ubiquitous fish and chips, best savored by the seafront, to Sunday roasts served with Yorkshire pudding and gravy – these are experiences that embed themselves in your travel memories.

Enjoy these traditional dishes in some of the city’s iconic pubs and historic eateries, such as Rules in Covent Garden, known as the oldest restaurant in London.

Multicultural Street Food Markets

London’s culinary scene is a melting pot of global flavors, best showcased in its vibrant street food markets. These markets offer an exhilarating exploration of flavors, from spicy Asian noodles to Middle Eastern falafel wraps, there’s a world to taste.

  • Borough Market, one of the city’s largest and oldest food markets, offers a vast array of international delicacies.
  • Camden Market is known for its eclectic mix of food stalls, that cater to all tastes.
  • Market Hall Victoria is another must-go food market — another gastronomic hub featuring diverse cuisines from numerous vendors.

Fine Dining Establishments

London’s fine dining scene is a testament to its status as a global culinary capital. You’ll find culinary wizardry in the kitchens of renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, and Hélène Darroze.

In an impressive feat of gastronomic diversity, six Michelin-starred establishments are Indian restaurants, and eight offer an array of Asian cuisine. Notably, Lima holds the honor of being the first Peruvian restaurant in Europe to earn a Michelin star.

All of the above promises an unparalleled gastronomic adventure that fuses flavors from around the world in London’s fine dining establishments.

TAKEAWAY: London boasts an impressive array of 61 Michelin-starred restaurants, with two prestigious establishments earning three stars, nine earning two stars, and 50 earning one star. Among these culinary gems, six are renowned Indian restaurants, eight represent the rich diversity of Asian cuisine, and one stands out as a trailblazer – Lima, the first Peruvian restaurant in Europe to earn a coveted Michelin star. The city’s Michelin-starred dining scene celebrates a fusion of flavors from around the world, offering food enthusiasts an unparalleled gastronomic adventure.

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Beyond the well-trodden tourist paths lie hidden culinary treasures, often tucked away in London’s myriad streets. These charming cafes, family-run restaurants, and secret food spots are local favorites, each narrating a unique story.

Once you delve deeper into the city’s food scene, you’ll discover gems like the Towpath Café on Regent’s Canal, or savor an authentic Thai curry at the family-run KaoSarn in Brixton Market.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Needoo Grill, Whitechapel — known for its relaxed atmosphere, open kitchen, and delicious Punjabi cuisine, Needoo Grill is a delightful choice where you can enjoy various dishes at a reasonable price. Notable menu items include many different lamb specialties and classic Indian desserts. If you want to order Raan (roasted whole lamb leg) 2 days pre-notice is required.
  • Londis N16, Stoke Newington — this is not your typical Londis. Londis N16 is a family-run shop but it offers food on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can enjoy in homemade Gujarati dishes that you can take home for a cozy meal. Run by two brothers, the food is made by their mother, who is passionate about sharing the food she’s brought her family upon.
  • Fed & Watered, Acton — Fed & Watered offers an ever-changing menu based on what’s available that day. Operated by husband and wife duo Chris and Elly Wash, it’s a warm and friendly place to enjoy simple yet refined dishes.

Iconic Food Landmarks

Alright, let’s dive into London’s food scene and check out some iconic food landmarks! It’s not just about the restaurants and street food here; we’ve got some historic and culturally significant spots that have shaped the city’s food identity. Check out these must-visit places:

  • Fortnum & Mason: This place is a total legend! It’s been around since 1707, so you know it’s got some serious history. They’re all about that fancy afternoon tea experience, but they’re also famous for their gourmet foods, hampers, and fancy stuff. If you want a taste of London’s culinary past, this is the spot to hit. And tea lovers, you can’t miss the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for a truly British tea time experience. It’s like stepping back in time and sipping tea with the elites of yesteryears!
  • Neal’s Yard Dairy: Cheese enthusiasts from all around the world find solace in this iconic London cheese shop. Established in 1979, Neal’s Yard Dairy has been pivotal in rejuvenating traditional British cheesemaking. They work directly with about 40 cheesemakers across the UK and Ireland, selecting and maturing cheeses to sell at their peak. The shop itself, nestled in the colorful Covent Garden’s Neal’s Yard, is a landmark of London’s artisanal, quality food production.
  • Petticoat Lane Market: While Borough Market gets a lot of attention, Petticoat Lane Market is also a noteworthy food landmark. This historic street market in East London is famous for its bagels and other street food, reflecting the city’s diverse food culture.
  • The Ivy: Another historic landmark, The Ivy, has been serving up luxury dining since 1917. It is known for attracting celebrities and London’s elite, but it’s also renowned for its classic British dishes. A meal at The Ivy is as much about the experience and the restaurant’s glamorous history as it is about the food.

Tips for Navigating London’s Food Scene

London’s culinary landscape is as diverse as it is delicious, and navigating it can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. For food enthusiasts, this city is a playground filled with delightful options. To help you get the most out of your culinary exploration, here are some practical tips:

  • Making reservations — London’s dining scene is bustling and some places are in high demand. If there are particular restaurants you are eager to try, it’s worth making a reservation well in advance. This advice is especially pertinent if you’re planning to visit iconic venues such as Fortnum & Mason for afternoon tea or a meal at Michelin-starred establishments like Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.
  • Budgeting for your culinary adventures — the city caters to every budget, from luxurious dining experiences to affordable yet delightful culinary treats. For instance, markets like Borough Market and Brick Lane offer delicious street food at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, remember to budget for special dining experiences at high-end restaurants or for unique treats like the premium cheeses at Neal’s Yard Dairy.
  • Embracing variety — London is a melting pot of cultures, which is joyously reflected in its food scene. Seek out unique eateries that serve cuisines from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. Your culinary adventure in London would be incomplete without tasting the rich tapestry of flavors from around the world.
  • Staying updated — keep yourself informed about the latest food events and new restaurant openings. Resources like Time Out London, London Eater, and The Infatuation London are useful platforms to follow. They provide updated news about London’s food scene, restaurant reviews, and details about ongoing food festivals and events.


Having explored the iconic food landmarks, the rich cultural influences, and the bustling markets, it’s clear that London offers a truly rich and diverse culinary experience. To truly appreciate the culinary treasures of London, be adventurous and try different foods from various dining options.

Set off on your culinary journey and enjoy the gastronomic delights the city has to offer. Each bite tells a story, and each flavor is a piece of London’s diverse culinary identity waiting to be discovered and savored.

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