Specialty food stalls at Borough Market, one of the best street food markets in London

5 Best Street Food Markets in London

Last Updated on May 26, 2022

London is known for its rich history, diverse culture, moderate climate, and classic arts. Being the hub of education, technology and thousands of dazzling pubs and sky-view restaurants scattered throughout the city, the one thing which makes the capital a place to live is the enticing food streets and delicious fragrances coming from them. Hyde Park International Hotel London is a great accommodation to stay near the best street food marketing in London.

From the historic leather lane to Camden market or from Borough Market to the newly established Maltby Street Market, you will get to try the best street foods in the UK. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the five of the best street food markets in London.

Borough Market


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It is one of the oldest street food markets in London. And while the present buildings date back to 1851, there has been a food market there since the early 11th century. In fact, in 2014 the Borough Market celebrated its Millenium Anniversary.

If you want to take full advantage of the Borough Market visit from Wednesday to Saturday on an empty stomach. Those days there’s a full market, which means all stalls are open and you’ll get a chance to try all the amazing foods. Also, most of the food stalls on this street offer samples, among which you will find olives, cheese, meat, fruits, vegetables, and chocolates. Sound’s hungry?

The best food stalls to try out in Borough Market are:

  • Richard Haward Oysters: This food stall serves delectable oysters at a fraction of the price of a restaurant.
  • La Tua Pasta – Mama Mia!! You said pasta; we give you a street of pasta. Their freshly baked pasta tossed with olives and jalapenos will surely make your day!
  • Horn Ok Please: This stall has one of the famous street food bites of the Borough Market. The must-have here is the chickpea dosas with aloo tikki (or potato patties), and a sprinkle of crunchy sev. It always hits the

Camden Market


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Camden town is the heart of London. One can spend hours roaming the streets of Camden and exploring the 1000+ shops, food stalls, bars, cafés and pubs that fill the streets. The market is a combination of several smaller markets, so you will find almost anything from vintage clothing and elegant art pieces to yummy snacks and exotic foods. Roam free at the streets of Camden and reward yourself.

TAKEAWAY: Camden Market is the perfect place for vegan foodies too. There are plenty of food stalls serving vegan meals such as burgers, falafels, poké, tacos, pies, cakes. Plus you will also find gluten-free or vegetarian recipes.

The best food stalls to try out in Camden Town are:

  • Zala Grill: If you love Middle Eastern food, then Zala grill should be your first choice. It serves the finest Levantine pizzas and grilled pittas for just £7 (including a drink).
  • Oli Baba’s: This place is the home of deep-fried cheese potato fingers. Ideal for enjoying a cheat-day.
  • Magic Falafel: They serve the perfect fluffy pitta stuffed with the best falafels in London.

Leather Lane Market

In its origins 400 years ago, as the name indicates, Leather Lane was a clothes and footwear market. However, nowadays it sells a bit of everything and has specially evolved into a haven for street food lovers. It is a great place to grab a bite at lunch if you are in the area. Moreover, it offers a down-to-earth ambiance through its fantastic community.

The best food stalls to try out in Leather Lane Market are:

  • Yum Bowl: Wrap your hands around some of the freshly prepared dishes such as the Tom Yum Noodle Soup or the Roast Pork Belly Rice Bowl.
  • Greek Expectations: This family-run truck serves the best traditional Greek, Cypriot and Mediterranean Food.
  • Brazilian BBQ: Found at the end of the Leather Lane Market, it will honor your taste buds with the sweet, delightful taste of Samba Chicken Box. This dish comes with chili and garlic chicken skewers, rice, black beans, coleslaw, and salad, plus a side of sweet potato fries and a drink.

Whitecross Street Market


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Located at the uber-trendy part of the capital, the Whitecross Street Market is a fantastic place to feed your hungry tummy. The stalls offer freshly made delicious foods at a great price. Therefore, it fills out on weekdays at lunchtime by the many workers in the area. Whatever your craving, they have it, from Vietnamese to Turkish, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines, among many others.

The best food stalls to try out in Whitecross Street Market are:

  • The Wrap Guys: They serve freshly made healthy Indian wraps with chicken breast & salad.
  • Indian Fusion: How about some authentic Gujarati curries and Kati rolls? Don’t think it twice.
  • Comptoir Gourmand: Grab some delicate, delicious pastries and cakes at this french artisan patisserie.

Maltby Street Market

This is the smallest but the most exceptional market to eat in London. Competing with the nearby Borough Market, Maltby Street Market is a hidden gem of London. Here you’ll find some of the best gourmet products and foreign delicacies. Moreover, the market offers every Saturday a delicious menu for lunch prepared by a different chef each week with products sold on the market. Its location below the railway arches gives it a picturesque look, so don’t forget to take your camera with you.

The best food stalls to try out in Maltby Street Market are:

  • African Volcano: Try some Mozambique-style peri sauces, marinades, and seasonings from this award-winning food stall.
  • Bad Brownie: This vendor is famous for its gourmet chocolate brownies. And trust me, they are excellent!
  • Beefsteaks: It serves the best beef in London.

These are just a few of the many food markets there are in London. But if you want to know more about the rest of them, check out our map to street food markets in London. Find which food markets are near you, their opening hours, and our street food recommendations and insider tips!

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