popular British foods

Most popular British foods

Last Updated on April 28, 2023

Are you visiting Britain for the first time? Or perhaps you’ve been before but are about to travel extensively around the UK to take in more of the culture and cuisine? Whatever your circumstances, there are some popular British foods that you must try during your travels.

Fish and chips 

A true classic, it’s no wonder that fish and chips were voted the most popular dish in Great Britain in 2022, according to Statista. Think golden battered cod or haddock sat on top of a bed of tasty chips with plenty of salt and vinegar. Have some mushy peas on the side, or a pot of curry or tartare sauce. 

Full English breakfast 

A full English breakfast is the ultimate meal for those with a big appetite! It’s the perfect way to set yourself up for a busy day exploring and is usually made up of sausages, bacon, baked beans, buttered toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and black pudding.  

Afternoon tea 

An elegant afternoon tea is a must for anyone travelling in Britain. You’ll usually be treated to a three-tiered tray with a range of savoury and sweet treats. Often, this includes a selection of finger sandwiches, such as cucumber, egg and cress or smoked salmon with cream cheese. Plus, small cakes, pastries and scones that are served with your choice of tea. Choose classic breakfast tea, earl grey or a herbal option such as a floral camomile tea.  

Bangers and mash  

A tasty dish often found on pub menus across the British Isles, bangers and mash is another meal that any traveller should try! The “bangers” are sausages, typically made from pork and can come in a variety of flavours, such as pork and apple or pork and black pudding. Served with buttery mashed potato, gravy and your choice of vegetables. 

Steak and ale pie 

One thing that Brits do right is pies. The steak and ale pie is the ultimate comfort food – think flaky golden pastry, packed full of delicious steak and rich ale-infused gravy. If you’re a vegetarian, opt for an equally tasty alternative like cheese and onion or spiced spinach and potato.  

Sunday roast 

A staple of British culture, the Sunday roast is a must-try for anyone travelling around the UK. This dish is typically made up of roasted meat (think beef, chicken, pork or lamb) or a vegetarian roast, plus potatoes, vegetables and lashings of gravy. You may also find a Yorkshire pudding on your plate – which is perfect for mopping up your gravy! 

Cornish pasty  

Traditionally associated with Cornwall, this pasty can be found all over the UK thanks to its popularity. It’s made from shortcrust pastry and filled with beef, vegetables and potatoes. It’s the perfect option to grab on the go while you’re travelling! 

Which of these classic British dishes will you try? 

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