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5 Most Popular Foods To Try in Seattle

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

We have put together a list of the five most popular foods to try in Seattle. But before we list the food, let’s understand Seattle’s food culture.

Seattle is a city located in Washington, in the United States of America. The city is in a neck between Elliot Bay and Lake Washington and has a population of more than 600K people. It is, in fact, the largest city in Washington.

Seattle is famous for its foodie scene and has plenty of wonderful restaurants, great coffee shops and bars. All foodie travellers should visit Pike Place Market, one of the best food halls in the US. Starbucks and coffee were born in Seattle. You can expect to find a coffee shop everywhere in the city.

Seattle’s Farmers Markets (Pike Place Market) was created in 1907 and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the market each year.

If you are in Seattle and you want to buy fresh produce, then you definitely want to head to Pike Place Market. Here, you can buy food directly from producers.

If you are a fish lover, Seattle has four fish stalls that sell fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean. The stalls offer all types of aquatic fish including oysters, squid, salmon, and halibut.

But that’s not all! Seattle is also renowned for different kinds of food including the locally-produced vegetables and fruits, meat, fresh-cut flowers, and more.

To get more stories and tales, samples and also learn how the market came to be famous, you could organize a trip there.

Without forgetting, Seattle is at the shorelines of the largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean. So you will definitely find fresh fish and seafood once you are in the city.

On the shores of Lake Union, you will see Ivar’s, one of the famous fish restaurants where you can enjoy delicious alder-smoked dishes.

That said here are the five foods Seattle you should try:


Teriyaki is a popular Seattle food, typically eaten by fans during Seattle Mariners games at Safeco arena. Well, some people say teriyaki is Seattle’s signature food since there are plenty of teriyaki stores you cannot find in other places in the US. However, the popularity of the food is because locals here love cheap, fast and substantial pieces of meat that that they dry in sweetened-salty teriyaki sauce. There are even variations of teriyaki sauce that are keto-friendly.



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For a city located near the largest ocean in the world, you can guess what type of food you will expect to find there. Seattle is known as the city that offers fresh seafood. Whether you love oyster, crab or salmon, Seattle is your best destination for that.

Hot Dogs


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Every US city has its exceptional type of hot dog. When you go to the Windy City, expect to eat the Chicago dog mixed with some pickled veggies. Equally, the people of Detroit have their own chilli dog and in New York city, they mix it with some onions and mustard.

But all these types of hot dogs cannot beat the one you can find in Seattle. Seattle’s hot dog is mixed with grilled frank or polish sausage, cut into half and stuffed inside of a crisped roll slathered with cream cheese and bettered with a substantial amount of grilled onions.


The Pike Place Market, Skagit Valley, and Washington dairy farms produce one of the sweetest yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese. The Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt store is a family owned business and is Seattle’s biggest supplier of yoghurt.



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There are more than 50 chocolates in Seattle. Seattle experiences cloudy weather, so you can expect people there to have hot chocolate throughout the year. Chocolate was introduced to Seattle by Fan Bigelow after he opened his Fran’s Chocolate store in 1982.

If you been there before, please let us know in the comments what are the best popular foods you tried in Seattle.

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