Perfect Wine Tour Destination

6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Wine Tour Destination

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Wine lovers are all around the world and come from very different backgrounds. And therefore, wine touring is no longer a holiday retreat activity done by elites. But to plan the perfect wine tour vacation and really enjoy a wine destination, you will need some tips from the experts.

A huge surge of interest in taking a wine tour to popular destinations in the tourism industry. Besides the selling purpose of wine producers directly to the consumer, there are other reasons for its growing popularity. And these are just a few:

  • It offers a refreshing and unique experience
  • You get to visit beautiful serene landscapes
  • You get to taste different types of wine

If you are an oenophile there is no better way to explore a new destination. Wine tasting is not just drinking wine. It is about exploring what a good wine is, its structure, balance and how the pairing of sweetness and bitterness works on your palate.

To make sure your wine tour is perfect, you need to take note of these tips:

Be specific in your plans

For any tour, it is always better to have a detailed plan. You may want to prioritize the places you wish to visit the most and plan the rest of your trip around them. You will need to know that different wineries offer different specialities, including but not limited to white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, rose wine or dessert wine. Do your research to find the destination that best meets your wine preferences.

Know the right time or season to visit


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You will need to find out what is the best time of the year for the wine destination you are planning to choose. For instance, in Europe, the best times for a wine tour are between May and June when the weather is nice and it’s less crowded. Or, fall season which is between late August and October, when it’s the harvest season. If you are thinking about a wine tour in the US, you may want to make it in time for a food and wine festival. And Australia is another great destination for a perfect gourmet vacation.

Also, do not rush your day with multiple winery visits. Do 2-3 wineries a day. Weekends may be crowded so if possible, try to fit in the schedule during the week. ‘’The more the merrier’’, will steal the pleasure out of your experience so stick to just a few.

Ensure Safety

Most of us choose to hire a car or a designated driver since there will be a lot of wine tasting done. If you are not used to drinking then it is preferable to choose the later one. And if you decide to drive yourself to the vineyards, ensure you know the routes well. Whether you are taking your family or going for a romantic date to the vineyards, make sure your conveyance is protected by the right car or motorcycle accessories. You do not want anything to hinder your wine tour right? Proceed only when this criterion is marked off in your checklist. Load up and hit the great outdoors with the roof carrier systems to avoid any obstacle in your journey.

Choose destinations offering more than just wineries


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While planning for a wine tour, choose a destination offering more than just winery visits. You may not wish to spend the entire day of your vacation visiting vineyards. So look out for restaurant options where you can sit and enjoy a regional favourite cuisine along with a black velvet whiskey for a change after all the wine tasting done. You may discover more about wines from the country’s culture, food, and people.

Don’t forget to make reservations

If you are thinking to visit during the peak seasons don’t forget to make the reservations. Some wineries allow limited visitors to keep the serene experience of vineyard intact. Reservations also have to be made early in transportation companies to hire a designated driver. This will make your wine touring hassle-free allowing you to dig into the experience entirely. Some wineries also provide dining experience along with wine tasting. Make sure you book yourself a table to enjoy a combination of wine and delicious food.

Maintain etiquettes


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Do not forget the basic etiquettes while enjoying a wine tasting experience. Firstly, drink only the right amount. If you want to drink more, you know you can buy a bottle of wine and drink it in the hotel or take it back home. Secondly, be polite and show respect to the workers and tour guide. There are some Dos and Don’ts before, during and after a wine tour.

Wine touring can be a luxurious experience without needing to spend an extortionate amount of money. Look for some popular destinations offering an amazing experience for wine lovers across the globe. It is the best way to learn about the process of winemaking and soak in the picturesque beauty of vineyards. You won’t regret it!

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