Things to Bring to A Music Festival

6 Things to Bring to A Music Festival

Last Updated on September 6, 2023

Are you heading to a popular music festival for the first time in your life? If yes, then you need some guidance, my friend. Going to a music festival and camping there is not like going to a food and wine festival.  But if you go prepared, it can be the best experience of your life. Naturally, if you haven’t packed the essentials things to bring to a music festival, all the fun will go down the drain. Since music festivals normally last for three to four days or even a week, there is a long list of supplies that you will need to bring to be able to function properly.

Top of this list is a group of friends. If you go to a music festival alone, you might not enjoy as much as you would if you went with your friends. It is true that travelling alone can help you make new friends, but I wouldn’t suggest you to try camping on your own. It can get quite boring. Once you have your entourage on board, you can go ahead and make a packing list of all the items that you would need during your stay at the music festival. Let me give you a few ideas.

A Set of Toiletries

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This item is probably the most important thing that you can carry with yourself: a nice, compact set of toiletries to fulfil your needs throughout the trip. You can find small toiletry sets at the grocery stores; the collections comprise of refillable bottles in which you can fill your cosmetics.

Carry a hand-wash, face-wash, toothpaste, mouth wash, a compact-sized toothbrush etc. Wet wipes are another must-have. They can be helpful in every situation. Did your kid spill curry all over him? Clean it up with wet wipes! And they can also be used to remove makeup. It’s likely that you won’t get the time to take a shower at the festival, so do pack dry shampoo as well.

A Large Cooler for Food and Drinks

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Music festivals do not have high-end restaurants. The only food that you’ll likely find out there would be street food. And even though it can be delicious, it can be too much to eat for a week. Therefore, I recommend that you pack a few dry food items that can be carried along.

Camping is not fun without a few beers, so bring a large cooler in which you can store your perishable items like fruits etc., and some drinks to enjoy by the campfire. Keep healthy snacks like oatmeal bars in store for quick munchies.

Plan a Movie Night

Now that you have brought your friends along, why don’t you plan a movie night by the campfire? I remember I once went to Coachella with my friends and we enjoyed a movie marathon all night long by the fire. Now, if you’re wondering how we managed to watch a movie in the middle of nowhere without a power source, the answer is a Portable DVD Player!

All you need is some quality print DVDs and a portable DVD player to entertain your friends.

A Tent That’s Enough for Everyone

Your choice of tent for camping depends on the site and the weather. Most of the music festivals are arranged during the summer, so you don’t need a tent that covers all sides. Consider buying a canopy tent so that the air can cross through during the night and keep you cool.

During the daytime, the same tent can provide you shade from the scorching heat of the sun without obstructing your view. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, hang a few tapestries around your tent. You’ll become the pro-camping squad with a little effort.

Power Banks

All your fun will be ruined if you manage to drain the batteries of your phones, cameras and DVD player. Carry reliable power banks and portable chargers so nothing can hinder you from posting on your social media! Also, if your phone dies, you won’t be able to contact anyone from back home, and it’s just safe to have your phone around if you’re living in a public place far away from home. Also, look out for charging stations.

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