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4 Awesome Hello Kitty DIY Birthday Cakes That Any Fan Will Love

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

Created by Yuko Shimizu in 1974 Hello Kitty has been one of Japan’s most significant cultural exports (alongside Godzilla, Pokemon, and sushi). Her spunky attitude has made fans the world over. Currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi and over her forty years, Hello Kitty remains just as cute, spunky, and comes with a line of products that encompass everything from clothing to cookware! Perhaps that’s what makes her so popular with people of all ages. And her cute, eclectic style is a go-to for just about any birthday party. Therefore, we’ve come up with our top 4 picks for awesome Hello Kitty DIY birthday cakes any fan will love. Following the attention to detail present in Japanese cuisine, these cakes for begginers will look as cute as those posted by the best Tokyo foodie instagrammers. So without further ado, here’s our list.

TAKEAWAY: Did you know that despite having been created in Japan, the character Hello Kitty is a British girl? (Yes, according to her creators she is not a cat either!) She is supposedly a 3rd-grade student living outside of London. This is because when she was created, the Japanese loved Britain’s culture.

Simple & Clean Hello Kitty Cake by Betty Crocker

The Betty Crocker Hello Kitty Cake is not only easy enough to assemble, but its clean lines make it look totally professional. One thing we really loved about this DIY recipe is that it doesn’t require a specialty pan – which is often more trouble than it is helpful. (Anyone who has had to carefully pry a cake from odd cake pans can tell you why!) This is a very beginner-friendly cake, and it looks so nice your guests will think you got it straight from a bakery! A similar design with fewer ingredients can be found here. It’s great if you have dietary restrictions that don’t allow for candy toppers!

Simple Hello Kitty Cake with Fondant Topper

Though it’s still considered beginner-friendly, this DIY fondant Hello Kitty Cake design can be a little tricky if you don’t have the right tools and if you’re not familiar with fondant. However, the tools are easily found in just about any craft store (or Walmart) – if you don’t already have them lying around. And instructions on how to use fondant can be found on Youtube pretty easily. We recommend this design if you’re not confident with your frosting skills and want a little more room for error.

Cute Pull Apart Hello Kitty Cake

If you haven’t heard of pull apart cakes before, get ready for this absolutely adorable pull apart Hello Kitty cake! It’s simple to make, you can use pretty much any recipe you can think of, and it doesn’t take any tools that you don’t already have. The fondant used for eyes, whiskers, nose, and bow can easily be replaced with colored frosting if you aren’t comfortable working with fondant. It’s a cute idea that can really take your party to the next level. Plus you don’t have to worry about having a sharp knife on the table if you’re having a kid’s party!

Quickie Hello Kitty Cake for the Thrifty

If you’re just not handy with the whole crafty/artsy/frosting thing, you can still make your own DIY Hello Kitty cake for the thrifty. Simply bake your favorite cake, frost it to your comfort level (consider using extruders for a textured look to boost the visual appeal), and add premade decorations. You can make your own Hello Kitty decorations or buy them at most stores that sell baking supllies.. and it can transform any cake you bake into an awesome Hello Kitty cake! Dye the frosting of complementary colors for an extra pop!

Sure, you can always use marzipan to sculpt the perfect Hello Kitty and use edible dyes to make her spot-on. You could build a multi-layer cake with different designs, textures, and colors. You could incorporate small Hello Kitty figurines, and even Hello Kitty surprise eggs. But we wanted to focus on more beginner-friendly DIY cakes because we know that everyone deserves an amazing Hello Kitty cake! These are simple yet adorable Hello Kitty DIY birthday cakes that even a novice could make having the right kitchen equipment – and that any party-goer would enjoy!

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