The Status of CBD Around the World: Insights for Travelers

The Status of CBD Around the World: Insights for Travelers

Last Updated on October 18, 2023

Wondering what is the situation of CBD around the world? Look no further, here are some useful insight about CBD for travelers.

CBD-rich products are becoming popular around the world because of the many health benefits associated with them. Although they may not be approved officially to treat the claimed conditions, many users and health experts have confirmed their effectiveness. Therefore, many people are under hemp and medical marijuana product programs to enjoy their benefits.

In case you plan to travel around the world while using CBD products, you must know the status of CBD around the world, especially the per-state legal status of CBD, and where to buy more CBD products. This article is right just you need because it highlights important things to know.

Legal Status of CBD Around the World

Fortunately, CBD is legal in many different parts of the world. On the other hand, some parts may have a total ban while others have clear guidelines on how to buy and use CBD. Check these general insights to help you travel with the right information.


The EU guidelines allow the growth and sale of cannabis products with less than 0.2 THC. Only hemp products qualify under this category, and this means that you can have them when traveling in most countries in Europe. It is good to check this in detail because the actual guidelines may vary from one EU country to another. For instance, Belarus and Albania do not allow any cannabis products in the country while Austria and Belgium only allow it when you have a prescription.

America and Canada

Surprisingly, many countries in this region such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay allow the production, distribution, and use of CBD products, but of course, with strict guidelines. It is good to check the legal status and guidelines in any country that you wish to visit.


There is a dramatic difference in the legal status in this region. Many countries in Asia such as Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan do not allow cannabis use while others like Israel are global leaders in CBD growth and research. Again, check well to ensure that you understand the legal status of CBD in your destination country before traveling.


Unfortunately, CBD is a relatively new product in many African countries and they have yet to set laws and policies around CBD products. It is good to be cautious when planning to travel to African countries with CBD. An experienced travel agent can help you know whether you will be in trouble or not.

How to Buy CBD Around the World

Would you like to replenish your CBD products as you travel? Well, you can easily buy on the web in countries where it is legal. They may also have physical medical marijuana shops and health clinics where you can buy products from the best from CBD flower companies. However, the best option is to carry enough CBD products, especially if your destination country allows it.


The good thing is that you can travel with CBD products in many countries around the world, or even buy them there. As mentioned, it is always good to have clear information about the legal status of CBD in the specific country you will be traveling to. All the best!

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