Things to Do Before You Travel

12 Things to Do Before You Travel

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Every journey is an unforgettable adventure. However, to enjoy it you need to do several things before leaving. You may want to visit That Sweet Gift if you need some additional travel gadgets for your trip. And to be sure everything is ready for you to go on holiday, make a list so you don’t forget anything. Here are some tips of things you may want to do before you travel:

1. Check your work calendar

See what responsibilities you will miss while on vacation. You can outsource some of the work to co-workers. Keep them informed on time, announce potential tasks to them, and give them all the information they might need.

2. Create an automatic email reply

Write in advance an email telling your clients and business partners that you are on vacation and directing them to colleagues who will step in for you so there wonโ€™t be any misunderstandings and delays in communication.

3. Create a list of things to take on vacation


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Get organized and get ready on time. Check the list twice so you don’t forget anything. Don’t forget to tick the things you did. Think about each day of your travels and about your daily routines to make sure you got everything you are going to need.

4. Copy your documents

Send yourself photocopies of your ID and passport in case you lose them while traveling. Find the address of a representative office (embassy or consulate) nearest to your traveling destination and save their information in your phone and those copied documents.

Keep copies of documents near you and hide originals. Also, it is useful to have your document numbers, for example, on your phone or elsewhere. That way in case of theft, even if payment cards are lost, the reservations you made will still be valid because of an identification number you will have on you.

5. Throw unnecessary things out of your wallet

Leave credit cards and documents you donโ€™t need at home. Donโ€™t risk losing something valuable on your trip if you lose your wallet there. But do bring one credit card with you in case you run out of cash or you find yourself in some unpredictable situation (like needing medical attention).

6. Notify the bank

If needed, call your bank and let them know that you will be staying abroad so that they can expect foreign currency transactions in your account.

7. Pay all bills

Make sure you pay your bills, or at least those with higher interest rates before you go on vacation. Activate automatic payment from your bank account to avoid any trouble.

8. Turn off all devices

Avoid unnecessary costs by turning off all the appliances in your home that you can. The refrigerator should always work, but the TV and boiler do not have to. Even when they are in standby mode and are turned off but not unplugged, electrical devices consume electricity. Also, this way you will reduce the possibility of any electrical or water accidents in your home while you are not there.

9. Wash your laundry and linen

Collect all the dirty things and wash them before the trip. There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of clean linen after returning from a long trip. Tidy up your place so when you get back, you can fully enjoy being home.

10. Clean the refrigerator and throw out the garbage


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Throw away any food that could spoil while you are on vacation. That way you won’t be surprised by the bad smell when you get home.

11. Bring your chargers

Charge the batteries on all devices you will use during the trip. Do not forget to charge the battery on your phone, as you will certainly need it – whether for leisure or communication. Bring all the chargers with you. Also, buy and bring power adapters so you can plug your devices into foreign power outlets. Make sure the standard outlet voltage in the country you are going to is suitable for devices you are bringing.

12. Download maps

Download Google Maps or any other app which you can use even when you don’t have the Internet. It will be of great benefit to you while you explore your travelling destination.

With these travel tips, you will be able to enjoy your trip without any worries!

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