8 Types of Camping All Campers Should Know

The 8 Types of Camping All Campers Should Know

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Going camping has become an unparalleled experience for many people who seek to get away from the busy city life to find peace, tranquillity and breathe the fresh air of the outdoors. For many, there is nothing that compares to being able to enjoy the starry nights that it offers, especially in the summer season. No camping trip can be successful if you don’t have the right equipment for it. You can check out the Gear We Are site to find some great tools and gadgets for your camping trips. Apart from gear, you need to know what types of camping exist to plan your next camping trip.

Here is a list of the most popular types of camping all camping lovers should experience at least once in their lives:

1. Tent Camping

If you have an RV or a motorhome, you have a big advantage. Having a sturdy roof over your head can be a great help in any kind of weather. There is a lot of space in the vehicle for additional supplies and extra luxuries that you simply wouldn’t be able to carry with you otherwise. When camping like this, you will usually need to find spots where RV’s are allowed to be parked and set up.

3. Backpacking or Hiking Camping

Hiking or backpacking tents need to be lighter than camping tents, as the equipment will be carried on the back during the entire trail. You will need to travel light on these kinds of camping trips as your carrying limit will be very small. Also, there will usually be a lot of walking and moving around involved so any excess equipment could tire you out and slow you down.

4. Wild Camping


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Wild camping is when the camper chooses an improvised place to camp, like a deserted beach, or with the purpose of taking a break after a very long trail. Since there is no structure ready to meet your needs, the camper who opts for this type of camping needs to bear in mind two things. The first is to take everything that is essential for the stay, and the second is to leave the place the way it was when you got there, taking all your garbage with you. Wild camping is most practiced in North American national parks, and least practiced in Brazil, since in most places of the country it is no longer allowed.

6. Canoe Camping


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Canoe camping usually takes place by a river of some kind. The benefit of this kind of camping is that whenever you are tired of your current location, you can jump in the canoe and just row to the next stop. Plenty of people enjoy the peace that the smell and sound of water provide and this can make for a pretty intimate and memorable experience. You will just need to think of a way to transport the canoe to the river and back once you are done.

7. Glamping


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This is a new trend in the camping scene. Glamping is the perfect combination of outdoor enjoyment and the luxuries a house or a hotel could provide. There are establishments with green areas, fully equipped hygienic services, with uninterrupted hot water, laundry washing, minimarkets, restaurants, sports areas, children’s parks, swimming pools, electrical connections, wifi, and access for people with reduced mobility. You will get full service while enjoying nature.

8. Car Camping

Having a good car and using it to go camping can make for a great adventure. A car can enrich your trip by letting you change locations often and letting you go much further than you would be able without one. It is great for storing extra supplies and can be a good sleeping space in case of an emergency. Just don’t forget to check your fuel levels once in a while.


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