6 Tips for cooking in the motorhome

6 Tips for Cooking in the Motorhome

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Travelling by motorhome means travelling in fashion. This way of travel assures you with comfort and freedom. A considerable part of any trip is the joy of indulging in comfort food throughout the vacation. The local markets and restaurants offer a variety of food to choose from. However, eating out can come at a high price, so you might consider splitting your food expenses between the local restaurants and cooking in the motorhome your own meals. Motorhomes offered by quality dealers, like the ones from Oaktree Motorhomes, are usually equipped with a kitchen set inside.

Let’s talk about six tips that will ease the cooking process during your vacation.

1. Get into meal planning


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The first rule of cooking in the motorhome is to plan your meals. Your motorhome is not an ideal place to prepare meals on the spot mostly because of lack of space and limited kitchen stoves. Not to mention, that a full pantry is only a memory in your mind. The best course of action is to plan what ingredients will you use and check if the meal you planned is possible to prepare with cooking tools you have. Try to limit the number of components and techniques to make your dish easier to manage. Take zip lock bags with you! You can cut your veggies and store them anywhere before you are ready to cook. If you plan your menu ahead, you will also save a ton of time that you can spend on relaxation.

2. Take an instant pot with you


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A fantastic kitchen tool to take on your motorhome trip. If you don’t have any kitchen equipment in your RV, do not worry, an instant pot and a knife are all you need to surprise your loved ones with delicious food. You can use it for cooking so many things, like chilli, hard-boiled eggs or rice. And the best part is that you can leave it be and not spend hours of your holiday time on a single meal. It is also suitable to cook frozen produce. Take at least one instant pot on your motorhome trip and enjoy comfort food wherever you are.

3. Prepare condiments

Another useful tip when it comes to motorhome cooking is to bring spices with you. Great sauces and spices can upgrade any boring meal to a culinary masterpiece. If you are not bringing salt and pepper, don’t even bother going on a trip. Other things you shouldn’t neglect are herbs and more oriental spices. Condiments don’t take much of that precious space, and yet they make such a difference in the quality of food.

4. Marinate heavily


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The trick that will save you a lot of trouble and time during your holidays. Prep some of the meat and veggies and put them in a delicious marinate before you start your trip. Having ingredients already ready to go can cut your cooking time in half. Less mess and more flavour, what else do you need? Prepping ahead will also help you with space management. Use the power of those zip lock bags to the fullest.

5. Leftovers to the rescue


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It will be almost inevitable that you will find yourself with a few leftovers at some point during your trip. It is pretty hard to cook without something left unless your family are all foodies. Use leftovers from last day’s dinner to prepare today’s lunch. There is no point in you preparing every meal separately. If you already took the time to marinate and prepare ahead, your delicious food will not get boring or not tasty the next day. Shake things up by adding one additional ingredient or two and see smiles on your loved one’s faces during every course.

6. Be strategic with your kitchen space


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The most important thing you need to remember during your motorhome journey is that it is crucial to respect every inch of space you have. Cooking in a tiny kitchen can be stressful, and you don’t want that pressure during your vacation. First of all, make everyone disappear from the motorhome at the time of cooking. The last thing you want is somebody edging your way. Secondly, make sure to keep your space organized. Use space around you to the fullest to make the cooking process as comfortable as it can be. Think about installing a sink insert, as it can be beneficial in terms of using the top of the sink when necessary. If the weather is lovely, please consider cooking outside.

Motorhome cooking and cooking on an RV may feel a bit intimidating, but it is easier than you think. If you prepare yourself and your small kitchen, it can be even enjoyable. Save some money without wasting much time on cooking during your holidays by using these tips. Motorhome vacation is one of the most comfortable out there, have fun!

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