Summer Campervan Trip

5 Useful tips for Your Summer Campervan Trip

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Travelling in a campervan with your family or friends is one of the best summer holidays you can have. Chasing paradisiac beaches or getting lost in the mountains, a campervan will take you wherever you want. And what is even better, you don’t need to own a campervan. Instead, you can compare and choose the campervan hire solution that best fits your needs for a perfect summer campervan trip.

And to help you make the most out of your summer campervan trip, we have put together a list of five very useful tips:

1. Plan well and book ahead

Before you start your campervan trip, you should do your research. Think about the places you want to visit and investigate where can you stay overnight near them in your campervan. You may want to go for the campsite option or free camping. If you prefer the comfort of a campsite, make sure they accept the type of campervan you are driving and book ahead as they may be quite busy during the summer season.

And if you opt for free camping, you will need to be aware of the legislation as each country has different free camping restrictions and in some areas is even prohibited. Make sure you follow the rules when it comes to freedom camping as some local councils can issue fines if you camp in non-designated areas. And you don’t want that to spoil your holiday!

2. Deal with the heat


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If you travel during the winter, you will need to make sure that the campervan you are using has good heating. But in the summer, the high temperature inside the vehicle will be your worst enemy. So how can you deal with this unwanted heat?

Here are a few tips to keep your campervan as cool as possible in the intense summer heat:

– Always park in the shade.

Look for big trees and remember that the shade will move

– Block the light coming in through the windows.

Make sure the campervan has both window awnings and window shades.

– Don’t cook inside.

There are so many great meals you can cook during your campervan trip. But make sure you always cook outside to keep the inside cooler and smelling nice.

– Prepare a generous water supply.

During the summer you will consume more water, so make sure you fill up the water tanks for your travels.

3. Choose the destination wisely


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One of the perks of travelling in a campervan is the freedom to change locations. So, check the weather forecast and head towards cooler locations. If you are travelling by the coast, you will probably go to the beach but if you are going for an interior trip, you may want to look for a lake, river or creek to cool down.

4. Pack light


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Packing light is key for every campervan trip. While in the winter you may need to pack more warm clothes, your summer outfits won’t take much space. And this is great news because you can use the campervan’s storage room for some summer essentials such as boogie boards, fishing rods, diving kit, or whatever you need to have an incredible time!

5. Be prepared for the bugs


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This will really depend on the area you decide to visit. But during the summer most places have bugs. If you don’t want to end up your trip covered in mosquito bites we recommend you seal up cracks and gaps, use a mosquito net and during the night, build a campfire nearby.

If the amount of mosquitos is worrying you, during the day you may want to use insect repellent cream. And just in case all these measures do not work, take in your campervan some afterbite solution.

We hope you find useful these five tips to enjoy your next summer campervan tip. And if you want to share your advice, feel free to do it in the comments below.

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