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5 Best Meals to Cook on an RV Trip

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

One of the many appealing aspects of travelling in an RV is that you can cook whenever and wherever you want. This saves lots of money and gives you more free time to do whatever you want. However, cooking on an RV trip is a little bit different from cooking at home as you have a little less space. And ingredients are often a little bit limited unless you plan ahead. You also don’t want to risk packing too much for elaborate meals. It is a fine balance of having food you enjoy, without an excessive amount of prep or space required. If it can be cooked over a fire, that’s a bonus.

For many travellers, figuring out how to cook delicious, easy and fast meals on the go that will keep you energized and content for hours is a top priority. These five meals are easily adapted to personal preferences and are easy to cook on an RV trip.



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We have to put these as our number one choice, hands down. Who doesn’t like tacos? They are so easy to make and are super tasty. All you need is a packet of corn tortillas and simple ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, pepper, and don’t forget the cheese! These are all common groceries items that you should be able to easily pick up from shops on your journey.

As you know, tacos can be filled with basically anything. Meat, vegetarian and vegan tacos, they are all delicious alternatives. Our filling recommendation for a road trip is black beans, as it keeps you healthy and content throughout our journey.

All you need to make tacos on the road is a cooktop and a frying pan. You can use your RV stove, a portable camp stove, or even the campfire. Easy!

You can also make breakfast burritos in a pretty similar way.


The ultimate in comfort food, this might seem like something quite elaborate and time-consuming, but we promise it is far from it.

All you need to do is throw all your ingredients into an oven-safe dish. We love to add diced potatoes, onion, egg, basil, herb, spices and sausages. If you prefer, you can make this vegetarian or vegan. This really shouldn’t take long to make, and it can be saved for leftovers the next day.

Chicken salad

A salad is always an excellent option for on the road. If you eat something too heavy, it can make you feel uncomfortable and bloated for your trip—not suitable for a day in an RV.

A chicken salad is a great way to get your protein and veggies in, and it takes next to no time to make. You’ll notice a trend, here as this is another option that is easy to adapt to your personal taste.

Mix together some spinach, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, and everything else you would like in your salad. Add your chicken or meat-free alternative, and you’ve got a meal that will keep you satisfied. Bon Appetite.

Asian style garlic noodles

This sounds a lot more complicated than it is—it takes less than thirty minutes to make and is satisfying meal, perfect for an RV road trip.

All you’ll need is some rice noodles, mushrooms, olive oil, and any vegetables you would like as well as meat/alternatives you would love to include.

To make the garlic sauce, whisk together soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, ginger, and sesame oil.

We know this sounds like heaps to remember—but most of these ingredients are herbs and spices which can be found in jars and bottles and kept in your RV at all times. This is a recipe that gets better over time as you find the perfect flavour balance. If you eat this often, soon you will have your fellow campers knocking on your door to see what smells so good.

Mac and Cheese

We could eat pasta for every single meal—serve it up, and it’s gone in two seconds. RVing doesn’t mean you have to limit your pasta intake.

Mac and cheese can be made in your RV, just boil some macaroni in a saucepan. A great way to make this dish is to use egg noodles which give it a little boost of protein. As the noodles are cooking, in another saucepan, whisk together milk, butter, and flour. Once this has made a thick sauce, mix in the cheese.

When the noodles are cooked and drained, mix this sauce with your pasta, and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes. For added creaminess, add some grated cheese on top. When it is ready, you have a mac and cheese which is fit for a restaurant.

We hope these quick, simple, but delicious recipes serve you well on your RV travels.

Takeaway: Meals on the road don’t have to be boring. Move past hotdogs and prepare to have your taste buds tantalized with filling homemade meals. Not only will your stomach thank you, but your wallet will as well as you can save money for attractions, souvenirs and more.

Author bio: Shelley Trupert works for Outdoorsy, an RV marketplace for consumers and pros. She has been camping for almost 20 years and is always looking to find the next hike, off the beaten path. While she used to enjoy tenting in the wilderness, she prefers to camp in an RV now—whether it is a Class C or a teardrop trailer—to enjoy a little comfort after a long day outdoors and the ease of travel it provides. Her goal is to hike in all of the national parks in North America.

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