Enter 'Escape Hour' and Experience A New World Of Gaming

Enter ‘Escape Hour’ and Experience A New World Of Gaming

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Everything in this world is changing so fast. Likewise, the new world of gaming is also experiencing huge changes. If you are not aware of such changes, then you are missing a big chunk of entertainment.

So, what’s the change in the new world of gaming?


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Virtual games are no more interesting. These games have a boring plot and almost no story. But, real-life games are far better than virtual games. These games can surprise you and entertain you completely. Moreover, you can play these games with a real team. That’s why these real-life games are super-exciting and full of fun.

Where can you play these real-life quest room games?

At ‘Escape Hour’, you can play these real-life games. They have two places – Edmonton and Calgary in Canada. Each of these places has 7 versatile locker escape room Edmonton. This means you can play 14 real-life games at ‘Escape Hour’. You can visit their site to know more about these games.

How to play the locker room games?

First of all, you have to select a game. Then, you have to choose your team. After that, you and your team will enter a locked room. Now, you and your team have to solve riddles and puzzles to get out of this room. You will get 60 minutes to complete the game.

Why ‘Escape Hour’ is the best place to play the quest room games?

Outstanding Games

‘Escape Hour’ has developed some marvelous games. They have – Sci-fi games, action games, puzzle games, heist games, detective games, and more types of games. As a result, you can choose your favorite games. So if, for example, you are a fan of action games and currently considering these d2r builds, there is sure to be a game that suits you. Moreover, these games have different complexity levels. Hence, adults and kids both can play these games.

Exceptional Themes

The themes of these locker room games are fascinating. ‘Escape Hour’ has designed these themes perfectly. Hence, the themes can create almost a real ambiance. Such realistic ambiances make these games more intense.

100% Safe

These quest room games are completely safe. Because a ‘Game Master’ will always be there with you. The game master can guide you to play the game. Furthermore, he would also monitor your activities. Therefore, you can play these real-life games without any hesitation or fear.

Build Your Own Team


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‘Escape Hour’ allows you to choose your own team. So, you can play these quest room games with your family and friends. You will be solving all those puzzles with your near and dear ones. Hence, you will be experiencing a super-exciting game.

All these features make ‘Escape Hour’ the best platform to play locker room games. Their website offers a long list of schedules. So, choose a date and time and book your game.

Just visit the ‘Escape Hour’ website to know more.

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