3 Restaurants in Vancouver you must try

Restaurants in Vancouver you must try

Last Updated on February 14, 2023

Vancouver is a lively and gorgeous city that seems to reinvent itself every ten or so years.  Luckily for those who live there, that means the food is getting perfected again and again. Unfortunately, most tourists don’t have that long to get to know a city’s food! So that’s why we are presenting to you our list of the best restaurants in Vancouver you must try.

TAKEAWAY: Did you know in this city of over five thousand restaurants, you could eat at a new place every day for nearly fourteen years? And you’d still have new restaurants to try!

Here are the top restaurants that you have to try when you get into the city-beware. 

Blue Water Cafe


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Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Prices: High-end.

This cafe is the go-to place in Vancouver for fresh and dazzling seafood.  You can rest easy, knowing you’re eating sustainably while the restaurant’s in-house chefs offer incredible meals and a raw bar. If you are a foodie in Canada, you should definitely visit this restaurant!

Describing itself as a restaurant where East meets West, there’s something on the menu to entertain any appetite.  The most popular dish with locals is the Arctic Char dish with leeks, fennel, Dungeness crab, and couscous in a white wine sauce.  It’s rich and flavorful, and you’ll leave feeling full and also ready for seconds.

Cioppino’s Italian Grill


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Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Prices: High-end.

This grill and enoteca offer a mix of fun and food that will leave your eyes and taste buds thrilled with everything you take in.  Italian chef-owned, the dishes are guaranteed to be some of the best things you’ve ever tasted.  The menu is simple, with no more than ten options for each course of your meal, and the simplicity shows that they’ve worked hard on perfecting the recipes they use. 

Every meal comes in multiple courses so you can play around with your options.

The most popular dish at Cioppino’s Italian Grill is the Fraser Valley duck, a rich dish of dry-aged duck breast, cooked until delicate and served in a light and flavorful sauce.  Every meal takes itself seriously but will delight instead of being a bore.  

Chambar Restaurant


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Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Prices: Reasonable.

This restaurant, although less expensive than the others mentioned on this list, still holds its ground and is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. The Chambar Restaurant is a Vancouver classic, offering casual dining with a Belgian flair.  Locals love the chic decor and inviting atmosphere, while visitors from out of the city are relieved to see something affordable that tastes this good.  The most popular thing on the menu is their many waffles with fun and exciting toppings that elevate the humble food above to something that tastes spectacular.  You’ll want to come back for every meal!

Rodney’s Oyster House

Rodney’s marine décor and laid-back vibe (plus handsome servers) make you feel like you’re on a fishing boat, and that’s how fresh their seafood is. Start with a Haida Gwaii Candy (chunks of caramelized salmon), and then everything you order is good, from their oysters and clam chowders to their pastas and fish sandwiches.



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A local authority when it comes to Indian food that goes beyond the traditional. Vij’s combines dishes and species from different regions of India; It also fuses the cooking techniques used by the Hindus with local products from the Pacific Northwest. Although there is always a queue, Vij’s cares about taking good care of its customers and offers small courtesy tapas to those waiting at the bar.

Vancouver is a vast city, and although it’s difficult to pick a top three, these restaurants stand their own.  Don’t be afraid to stray from this list, though, and get to know what the city has to offer!  Maybe you’ll find a hidden gem in a restaurant some locals haven’t gotten to try yet!

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