Guide to Backpacking By Motorbike

Guide to Backpacking By Motorbike

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Nothing can beat the freedom and sheer limitlessness of hitting the road with your motorbike. The chills and thrills are what strives every keen biker to hop on his vehicle and simply go to explore a new, untamed place, and then utterly unwind. Going camping or backpacking by motorbike is probably the best way to completely utilize your love of traveling and doing it by saving a few bucks while still having fun. Backing by motorbike allows you to do just that, and here is a full guide on how to make your motorbike-backpacking dreams come true.

Do a thorough bike inspection

First things first – safety. Before you start planning and packing, it is of vital impotence to check your motorbike in detail. This means taking it to a specialized shop and have the mechanic check whether all things function properly, change oil, check tires, chain bearings, etc. Regular motorbike maintenance is crucial because you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere due to some small malfunction.

Pack appropriately


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Try to find a quality backpack for motorcycle riders as you need to have a comfortable, firm, and durable backpack able to withstand all your belongings and fit perfectly. All keen riders know that having a good and lightweight backpack saves them loads of time and enables plenty of lucrative storage. Pack light. Everything depends on how many days you plan to spend backpacking, however, pack one pair of trousers, two shirts, underwear, and basic cosmetic utilities. All other things can be bought along the way.

Find your designated road

Downloads Google Maps app on your phone if you don’t already have a GPS watch, and try to find some good roads. By knowing where you desire to go backpacking, you can easily plan out your ride, inspect the road, check where the gas stations are, look for some interesting sights and monuments. What’s more, you can plan your trip more eloquently as you will measure the distance, and see if some highways are under construction, and in that way, you could find a detour in advance. Don’t let misfortunes ruin your adventure.

Must-have motorbike luggage


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Invest a fair amount of cash in your protective gear and clothes. As a motorcyclist, you already know that riding against the wind even in high temperatures can be extremely hard and even painful to the body. Protective gloves, skull motorcycle helmet, dustproof glasses and good shoes are another must-have. Another essential gear for your backpacking experience is the additional luggage. Opt for textile, waterproof luggage which you can easily attach to the sides of your bike. As they are lightweight you can place a large tent and sleeping bag which are the basic amenities you need.

Prepare your budget

Even if backpacking by motorbike is one of the most lucrative ways of traveling and exploring the world, you still need to be prepared for unexpected outcomes and maybe have some cash aside. Some unpredictable things are the gasoline as your motorbike may use up gas more or less depending on the different road, surface, and the speed. If you do pack some food, bear in mind that you would be also eating more along the road. And if you wish to spend the night in a more impressive spot, you should prepare money for the cost of accommodation.

Enliven all your senses


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In the end, the key is to let your mind loose and be free. The best piece of advice for backpacking by motorbike is to keep a steady mind as you are riding, and once you step down your bike, to maximally enliven your senses and dwell into the new wild ambient. Never sit on the bike if you have even drunk a glass of beer, and also make sure that you have plenty of sleep before hitting the road.

Exploding the world on your motorbike is like exploring nature’s soul first-hand. By following the above-mentioned guide, you will undoubtedly have wonderful backpacking experience.

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