8 Ideas for New Food Trucks and Food Trailers Businesses

8 Ideas for New Food Trucks and Food Trailers Businesses

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Food trucks and food trailers are quickly becoming a popular option for diners looking to grab a quick bite. And while the number of people interested in food trucks increases around the world, many established restaurants are adding one to capitalize on this trend. And some operators are starting businesses that are solely mobile.

When starting a new food truck or trailer business, one essential aspect often overlooked is maximizing visibility. In a competitive industry where first impressions matter, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. One innovative way to achieve this is by using sets of holographic stickers strategically. By incorporating holographic stickers on both your trucks and as tokens for your patrons, you can create a unique and memorable brand identity. These holographic stickers catch the eye with their dazzling, ever-changing designs, ensuring that your food truck becomes an instant attention-grabber.

Not only do holographic stickers make your mobile eatery more visually appealing, but they also leave a lasting impression on your customers. Patrons who receive holographic tokens as part of your loyalty program or as a special promotion are likely to remember your brand long after they’ve enjoyed their meal. So, if you’re looking to make a bold statement in the world of food trucks, consider incorporating holographic stickers into your marketing strategy to maximize visibility and leave a lasting mark on your customers.

What’s the difference between food trucks and food trailers?

As you may know, a food truck is a kitchen on wheels that can be driven on its own. Whereas a  trailer is somewhat larger and needs another vehicle to tow it, making these more stationary but also larger and with a wider range of food.

If you want to start your own food trailer (or truck), here are eight types of cuisine that could make yours the next “it” place in any town you frequent.

Barbecue food trucks

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Barbecue is one type of food that satisfies many customers as it is flavorful, “special occasion” fare that needs to be eaten communally. For instance, offering a variety of sides such as green beans, coleslaw, and pasta salad can satisfy customers looking for a “full” meal or those who would prefer to order something “lighter” and possibly vegetarian or vegan.


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Thai food is known for its strong flavours and spice. For instance, this cuisine also has a variety of curry and soup dishes that can appeal to a broad range of customers, with ingredients like egg, shrimp, and rice.

Mexican or Tex-Mex

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Mexican food is so much more than tacos, although you could build a robust menu around this staple alone. Likewise, rice and bean dishes, salsa, and guacamole can satisfy vegan customers, while quesadillas are a great vegetarian option. Moreover, enchiladas, burritos, and taquitos (fried tacos) are also popular items that are bound to sell.


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Many people are looking to improve their health, and an important first step is watching what they eat. Starting a food trailer with a menu based around salads, protein bowls including greens and grains, and fresh made-to-order smoothies could be a great way to attract new customers. Offering vegetarian, vegan, and keto options will also help.


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You may be surprised at the positive response you can get from starting a food trailer around a menu as simple as sandwiches. These provide endless options for customization, as you can offer different types of bread, protein, veggies, and sauces or other toppings.


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Long hailed for its effective use of simple ingredients, Italian is one cuisine that has an option (endless pizza and pasta dishes, calzones, etc.) to appeal to everyone.


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The Mediterranean diet is proven to help people live longer. It is primarily plant-based with delicious flavours like lemon juice, olive oil, and feta cheese.  Items for a food stand could include souvlaki, gyros, falafel, etc.


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A trailer that caters exclusively to everyone’s sweet tooth is bound to be a hit. Desserts sold can range from light cookies or small cupcakes to hefty slices of cake or pie.

Food trailers are becoming an increasingly popular food trend. Consider one of these broad-based theme ideas if you’re looking to start your own.

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