Parmigiana di melanzane or baked eggplant lasagna served in some of the best restaurants to eat in Rome.

6 Outstanding Restaurants to Eat in Rome

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Traveling to Rome may seem daunting at first because the city is so full of incredible sightseeing attractions, history, and culture. More importantly though (and especially to a traveling foodie), there are thousands of outstanding restaurants to eat in Rome. So, the good news is, you’re guaranteed to have some unforgettable meals on your Roman holiday. The not-so-good news is that, with the vast range of places to choose from, it’s a challenge figuring out where to eat in Rome. Don’t worry though, this guide makes it easy ensuring all of your meals in Rome are nothing short of legendary.

TAKEAWAY: Roman cuisine consists of family recipes passed down through generations and ‘cucina povera’, a type of traditional and simple homegrown cuisine. There are also tons of modern takes on classic Roman dishes to taste in the Eternal City, so you’ll be sure to find plenty of food to fall in love with.

La Zanzara


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This classic Roman eatery, just a stone’s throw from Vatican City, takes your expectations of an Italian restaurant to new heights. In fact, this place is more like a French Bistrot than an Italian restaurant. If it’s your first time in Italy, you may be surprised to taste authentic cuisine that has since been remodeled elsewhere. Try the Eggplant Parmigiana, served without pasta, the way Italians originally prepared it. You also can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s fresh meats, salads, and pastas. If you can’t grab a dinner reservation, check out the aperitivo at 7 p.m. for cocktails and finger food. In summer, try to snag a seat outside so you can people-watch.

Dino e Toni

There’s one thing you need to know before dining in Italy: get what the chef recommends. At this buzzing trattoria in the Vatican neighborhood, you really don’t have a choice in this regard. Named after two childhood best friends, Dino e Toni doesn’t even have a menu. The wait staff simply brings you plates of whatever is on the hob that night. Mostly, they serve traditional Roman favorites, like Amatriciana pasta, or a good cut of meat with vegetables.

So forget about picking the perfect thing, it’s not up to you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a four-course Roman meal consisting of antipasti, pasta, meat, and dessert. And of course, wine is included by the jug to share with you and your loved ones. Then, indulge in some limoncello as a digestif cocktail to ward off a dreaded food coma. After this, you’ll want the restaurant staff to pick your meals for you for the rest of your stay in Rome.

Dar Filettaro

Italy is well-known for its hearty meals, but the country is also the creative genius behind delicious antipasti, snacks, and delectable street foods. One of the local favorite street foods or antipasto is called Baccalá, a salted codfish. Dar Filettaro not only specializes in baccalá, but it’s almost the only food they serve. Traditionally, after finishing work in the nearby Campo de’ Fiori area, workers would grab a slice of baccala at Dar Filettaro, wrapped in newspaper, and eat it on their way home. Enjoy the wine on tap and watch the two ladies in the back fry up the delicious cod.



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Also in Monti (with another location in Prati), Fattamorgana is the spot to go for some non-vegan gelato excellence. Fattamorgana whips up delicious, gluten-free gelato in a range of creative flavors. Whichever flavor you order, whether it be citrus, peanut, coffee or something else, you won’t be disappointed. Then, go outside and enjoy your dessert on the pretty cobbled square with your authentic, organic gelato in hand.

Il Gelatone

A trip to Rome is not complete without some real Italian gelato, so neither is this guide about where to eat in Rome. Head over to Monti for your sweet treat, just a minute away from the main square, Piazza della Madonna dei Monti. If you’re looking for a vegan gelato, this is one of the best gelato shops in Rome. At Il Gelatone, enjoy vegan flavors including chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut and much more. Then, eat your creamy, refreshing dessert on the steps of the fountain in the piazza.

Casa Manco


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You can’t leave Rome without a sufficient dose of Italy’s best selling point: the pizza! At Casa Manco, you can’t go wrong with your order. Either sit down for a pie or enjoy pizza al taglio (cut to go). Pizza al taglio may be a bit crispier than regular pizza, but hey, it’s still delicious and authentic. Cut with scissors, cheap and fast, pizza al taglio is a staple of Italian cuisine on the go. Located inside one of Rome’s favorite markets in the Testaccio neighborhood, Casa Manco is the place to go for a taste of local life in Rome.

Wining and dining in Rome is not only a life-changing culinary experience, but it also connects you to the local culture. With the regional specificity of Rome’s cuisine, dining in the Eternal City is a different experience than eating Florentine food or Venetian food. This has several benefits for a traveling foodie: the first being that you will be provided with a rich variety as you eat your way through Italy. The other benefit is that you’re much more likely to eat fresh and local. But remember, eating in Rome is not about overthinking every bite of food; it’s about keeping an open mind and an adventurous spirit. One thing is for certain, if you stick the outstanding restaurants to eat in Rome that are on this list, you’ll experience the true delight of Roman cooking.

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