10 Best Cheap Eats In Florence

10 Best Cheap Eats In Florence

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Being a travel and food enthusiast, you might have been you many places. But you have missed a lot if you haven’t been to Florence yet. The beauty of the city speaks for itself, and when you find a place where the food is amazing, it becomes a must for your go-to places. So why would you delay your visit to Florence? You should not worry about where to go for a meal. This article can provide aid like a tour guide, and it will help you find the best cheap eats in Florence.

The Best Time To Visit Florence

Florence ought to be on everyone’s schedule for Italy and is an absolute necessity.

However, there are some months when the weather is more favorable than others, even though it does not encounter the high temperatures that northern European towns do.

The months of May through September are the finest for visiting Florence since they bring with them art festivals, outdoor dining, and the kind of Italian sunshine that the renaissance painters were so inspired by.

But also during the festive season, you shouldn’t hold yourself, pack your bags and get to Florence. While traveling by road, don’t forget to equip your car with must-have accessories to reach the destination smoothly.

Places You Must Try Food From

Now without much ado, let’s get straight to what you should eat during your stay in Florence.

1. Ponte Vecchio

Usually, when you want to try something special to eat, you also tend to consider the ambiance of the place where you are going to eat.

Along the riverside, it can be the best you can experience. It is one of the place’s heritage sights, built-in 1345. This is the only bridge to have survived the German bombing of the city in 1944, and it spans the Arno at its narrowest point. Similar like places in Bulgaria.

The food is also worth trying. Therefore, you should not miss this when you reach the place.

2. Sabatino Trattoria

The perfect Italian blend!

If you want a true Italian vibe, go to this place. Though they have only lived at this odd site on the outskirts of the city center by Porta San Frediano for a short while, the Buccione family founded this beautiful trattoria more than 50 years ago.

It must be said, however, that the location has an old-fashioned appearance with its white-tiled bar, blackened beams, and red-checked tablecloths. On the other hand, there aren’t many places in town with better prices, and the menu frequently changes to feature items like roast guinea fowl, osso buco, and tortellini with a hearty sauce.

Your taste buds would surely adore this place like never before.

3. Salumeria Verdi

Hungry for a snack?

Try this family-run sandwich business in the middle of the old town is the epitome of Florence. However, not compromising on the quality, you may get something to eat that is very affordable.

With paninis starting at just 4.50 euros, Pino’s Sandwiches takes pride in providing high-quality Tuscan food at an affordable price. With both indoor and outdoor seating, the charming salumeria on Via Verdi offers a cozy ambiance.

4. Dim sum Eatery

This modern dim sum restaurant is a fantastic spot to go for a cheap lunch if you can’t bear the thought of spending extra money on your lunch.

You can get a great meal for just 12 euros, plus some attractive add-ons like unlimited tea and water. The steamed dumplings are excellent, and the fresh noodles are prepared in a live kitchen. So you can be sure about the quality.

5. Nerbone


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If you wish to taste pure street food, Nerbone’s food stall is the place to go.

It is situated on the first floor of the busy central market and has been giving food supplies of steaming plates of warming cuisine since 1872.

It’s a terrific spot to find regional flavor and bargain prices. It has a specialty in Lampredotto, which is served in a bun with vibrant green salsa verde.

As it is a stall, visitors eat while standing at the bar counter gives you a vibe of Thai Street food.

6. Leoni

In a charming atmosphere, the Tuscan restaurant Leoni serves a variety of traditional regional specialties. The service is polite and accommodating, and the cuisine is excellent. It can be a little bit of a walk from the city center, but it’s well worth it for a fantastic supper.

7. Il Guscio

A homestyle dining establishment called Il Guscio is located in the center of Florence. Being in the city center, you can witness the true essence of Italy.

It is also one of the oldest in the city. The restaurant provides superb selections of classic Tuscan meals. If you want to try some steaks, it is the place to go for dinner.

8. PizzAgnolo

Visiting Italy and not eating the pizza?

No, you can not do that. Instead, you can find the world’s best pizza in Italy, as it is the origin of pizza.

PizzAgnolo is referred to as a Florentine institution. Enjoy one of the seven pizzas that PizzAgnolo serves that are authentically Neapolitan. You’ll adore this place if you get a chance to visit it.

9. Pizzaiolo

For traditional Napolean-style pizza, you should come here to Florence and indulge!

Both residents and tourists are fans of this location. The team at Pizzaiolo has mastered the art of serving you some of the best pizzas in Florence. It all starts with the base and a few high-quality ingredients.

10. Gelateria Dei Neri

Craving to have something sweet?

Nothing is more satisfying than finishing the day with some ice cream. Moreover, when you get tired from walking down the streets.

You must get to Gelateria Dei Neri. It features inside seating in a historic Florentine-style setting, which is unusual for ice cream shops, so you can enjoy gelato even when it’s raining. Everybody is welcome, even if you just like vanilla. The conceivable combinations range from mango to stracciatella, pistachio to strawberry cheesecake.


After having such information about Florence, you won’t be able to resist.

Therefore, grab the opportunity coming holidays, plan a visit to Florence, and have a great time.

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