Top Best Tours in Australia

Top Best Tours in Australia

Last Updated on January 9, 2024

Australia is a dream destination, offering a holiday experience that feels once-in-a-lifetime. It’s a land of vast and varied landscapes, home to unique wildlife, stunning beaches, and consistently beautiful weather. Here, you can enjoy leisurely days on the famous Bondi Beach, adventure into the vast outback, trek through the rugged Kimberley region, or drive along the scenic Great Ocean Road. The country accommodates all types of travelers, whether you’re part of a family, traveling as a couple, or exploring solo. We’ve selected top best tours alongside reliable operators who oversee all the planning, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable Australian adventure.

1. Whitsundays Full-Day Catamaran Sailing Adventure

Whitsundays Full-Day Catamaran Sailing Adventure

The Whitsundays are an absolute ripper of a spot, one of the most stunning archipelagos you’ll find down under. Located on the east coast of Queensland, they are the perfect place to take a dip in the most amazing blue waters and white sandy beaches. From Airlie Beach on the mainland, you’ll hop on a speedy, comfy Catamaran and sail into the islands.

This full-on day trip is a corker, taking you to all the top spots – you can’t miss the iconic Whitehaven Beach. There are many chances for snorkelling in hidden bays, wandering through the bush, and tucking into a top-notch buffet lunch with a cold drink in hand, all aboard the Catamaran.

2. Pinnacles Day Tours

Pinnacles Day Tours

Head to where the sky meets the earth for a ripper desert adventure among the Pinnacles National Park’s unreal rock formations. Watch the sun dip into the Indian Ocean, then gawk at the sparkly stars and the Milky Way popping up right before your eyes. One of the best bits is looking up and hearing the Dreamtime yarns about the stars and spotting the different constellations in Aboriginal Astrology.

This tour has the newest telescopes, so you can chuck your smartphone on it and snap some beautiful shots of the night sky.

3. Darwin to Kakadu Day Trip

Darwin to Kakadu Day Trip

Kakadu National Park, renowned worldwide for its extraordinary beauty, is a place we’re excited to show you!

Spanning over 20,000 square kilometres, Kakadu’s landscape is a rich tapestry of wetlands, timeless woodlands, and awe-inspiring rock formations. This park is a sanctuary for a third of the bird species in Australia and a fifth of its mammals, making it a unique spot on the planet where nature’s magnificence is truly unmatched.

Join a day-long adventure in the Kakadu Wilderness and experience a deep connection with nature as you explore the lands cared for by the Bininj and Munggui peoples. In collaboration with Parks Australia, their stewardship has been crucial in maintaining the park’s vibrant wildlife and diverse ecosystems.

4. Jumping Crocodile Cruise Tour

Jumping Crocodile Cruise Tour

Cruise on the Jumping Crocodile ship from Darwin for an unforgettable and exciting adventure. This tour offers a rare opportunity to encounter some of the most formidable and dangerous creatures in their natural habitats within the Northern Territory’s waterways. The Top End of Australia, especially around Darwin, Adelaide River, and Mary River, is home to over 100,000 estuarine crocodiles.

Witness the largest reptiles on earth, creatures that have roamed the planet since the dinosaurs. These ancient giants can grow up to 6 meters long, akin to the size of a small bus, and weigh as much as 1000kg. “Sweetheart,” a notorious local crocodile known for attacking boat motors and preying on livestock, was captured near Adelaide River. Although Sweetheart has since passed away, you can view this impressive crocodile, now preserved, at the Darwin Museum.

The Jumping Crocodiles Cruise is conducted by highly trained professionals for whom the safety of the crocodiles and guests is a priority. During the cruise, the crocodiles are fed buffalo meat, allowing close observation of their powerful hunting techniques. The cruise team operates under permits issued by National Parks and Wildlife, ensuring that our interactions with wildlife are conducted ethically and without harm to the animals.

5. Alice Springs Tour-The West MacDonnell Ranges

Alice Springs Tour-The West MacDonnell Ranges

On this tour, you will discover the wonders of the Western MacDonnell Ranges National Park, a treasure trove of natural beauty and history.

The Red Centre offers many walking trails and refreshing waterholes to escape the heat. The West MacDonnell Ranges stretch over 161 kilometres west of Alice Springs, providing a haven for unique wildlife.

On Alice Springs day trips of the Western MacDonnell Ranges, you’ll be captivated by the diverse landscape and spectacular scenery. Highlights include Ellery Creek Big Hole, Ormiston Gorge, and the striking hues of the Ochre Pits’ mineral deposits. The tour concludes with a visit to Simpsons Gap, a place framed by imposing cliffs and home to distinctive wildlife, such as the black-footed rock wallaby, a species emblematic of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

6. 3 Day Uluru Tour

3 Day Uluru Tour

Embark on a thrilling 3-day Uluru tours, a small group safari that starts and ends in Alice Springs. This journey showcases the best of Australia’s famed red centres, including Uluru, Kings Canyon, and Kata Tjuta, all wrapped into one comprehensive tour.

This exclusive 4WD safari is an unforgettable adventure! Across three days, you’ll experience the highlights of the Kakadu and Litchfield National Park tours. Be prepared to be awed by stunning natural landscapes, lush monsoon rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, and crystal-clear pools.

The tour offers a rich exploration of the Top End’s unique flora and fauna. Enjoy a boat cruise along the ancient Mary River wetlands, where you might spot the world’s largest reptile, the saltwater crocodile. You’ll also visit Ubirr, a site renowned globally for some of the oldest and best-preserved Aboriginal rock art. Comfort is key on this camping tour, as each night, you’ll relax in twin-share safari tents that provide extra comfort, privacy, and security. Alternatively, you can opt for the traditional swag experience, a canvas-enclosed bedroll, for a more authentic outdoor adventure.

If you want to spend more time in the Red Centre, try Ayers Rock Tours, which has various holiday options.

7. Phillip Island Tour

Phillip Island Tour

Explore the wonders of Phillip Island on the Phillip Island tour. Nestled along Victoria’s South Coast, this island is home to about 32,000 Little Penguins. Every evening, watch as hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of these penguins make their way from the sea across the beach in the renowned Penguin Parade. This full-day adventure includes scenic nature walks along the island’s beautiful beaches and boardwalks, encounters with local wildlife, and, of course, the Penguin Parade. Your tour guide will offer insights on the prime viewing spots in each Penguin Viewing Area for an enhanced experience.

Highlights of the tour include:

Witnessing the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, an extraordinary wildlife event.

A guided ranger-led exploration of the Philip Island Koala Conservation Reserve.

Uncovering the natural splendour, history, and significance of Phillip Island.

Venturing off the main paths, traversing dirt roads along Phillip Island’s coastal cliffs where wallabies and birds of prey can be spotted.

Leisurely walks around the Nobbies and Seal Rocks coastal boardwalks.

Exploring the Phillip Island Penguin Visitor Center for an educational and immersive experience.

8. Great Ocean Road Tour

Great Ocean Road Tour

Follow the Great Ocean Road day tour with mesmerising coastal scenery and timeless rainforest.  This small group 12 Apostles day tour features a visit to the famed rock structures. Experience the beauty of Loch Ard Gorge and take in the spectacular sights from the finest vantage points in Port Campbell National Park. Enjoy strolling through charming coastal villages like Apollo Bay, and seize the opportunity to discover other stunning beaches and walking trails.

9. Grampians National Park Tour

Grampians National Park Tour

Grampians tours of Grampians National Park, called “Gariverd” by the indigenous people, is a breathtaking expanse of mountain ranges west of Melbourne. This area is a haven for native wildlife, including kangaroos and wallabies, and is celebrated for its natural beauty, featuring the impressive Silverband Falls and expansive mountain vistas.

During this tour, briefly hike to some of our most treasured locations and visit the acclaimed Brambuk Cultural Centre. Here, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the region’s history, the land, and the diverse wildlife that inhabits this unique area.

10. Puffing BillyTour

Puffing BillyTour

Embark on a memorable trip to the magnificent Dandenong Ranges with the Puffing Billy and Yarra Valley Winery Tour. Let the towering Mountain Ash Trees captivate you, and breathe in the crisp, fresh air as you venture to Grant on Sherbrooke for an exquisite Devonshire Tea experience, complete with delicious scones. Enjoy observing and photographing the local birds, then journey deep into the heart of the Sherbrooke forest aboard the Puffing Billy.

Relax and immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty as the steam train meanders through the verdant landscape. The adventure continues with a visit to the Yarra Valley, where you’ll explore and sample wines at two distinguished vineyards. The tour concludes with a delightful stop at the Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, perfect for picking up treats before your return to Melbourne.

11. Yarra Valley wine tour

Yarra Valley wine tour

Join a Yarra Valley wine tour for a day of exceptional culinary and tourist delights in this region known for its stunning beauty and exquisite flavours. While wine has long been a staple of this area, today’s explorers can also savour an array of choices, including fresh local produce and chocolate, all while learning about the winemaking process. Experience tasting award-winning wines and conversing with the artisans who crafted them, set against breathtaking landscapes and vineyard vistas.

Here, you get into the heart of the Yarra Valley, enjoying a relaxing holiday in small groups away from the crowds. Our focus is on some of the finest boutique wineries where the dedication to producing high-quality wines is evident. This tour offers guests a rare opportunity to meet the creators of these exceptional wines and fully appreciate the offerings of this world-class wine region.

12. Blue Mountains Tours

Blue Mountains Sunset Tour

Embark on a  journey through the Blue Mountains tours, strategically timed to avoid bustling crowds. Witness the enchanting play of light in the late afternoon over the rugged landscapes and valleys, culminating in a mesmerising sunset. This excursion is thoughtfully scheduled to bypass Sydney’s peak traffic, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in the breathtaking vistas and natural forests.

Setting off late in the morning, you’ll have ample opportunity to discover Sydney’s charms before venturing to the globally renowned Blue Mountains National Park, a mere 50 kilometres from Sydney’s centre. This region boasts a variety of plant and animal life and a rich Aboriginal culture. Characterised by distinct sandstone formations, cliffs, and a dramatic expanse, the Blue Mountains are aptly named for the blue haze emanating from the vast eucalyptus forests.

 The journey continues to the magnificent Jamison Valley, where sprawling valley and canyon views await. We’ll get an up-close look at the legendary Three Sisters sandstone formation and embark on scenic bush trails leading to some of New South Wales’s most stunning waterfalls. As the day winds down, we’ll watch the sunset cast its golden glow over the mountains, transforming the landscape with shifting shadows. Returning, we’ll pause for a quick dinner and venture into kangaroo territory! As dusk sets in, when Australia’s wildlife is most active, we’ll seek out hidden spots known for their animal sightings, creating a memorable end to our adventure.

13. Litchfield National Park Tour

Litchfield National Park Tour

 Travel to Litchfield National Park, a treasure trove of Australia’s most magnificent waterfalls. Marvel at the awe-inspiring vistas, the unique magnetic termite mounds, and the shimmering, crystal-clear pools. This park is a haven for many native wildlife and rare bird species.

During the Litchfield National Park Tour, guests will explore some of Australia’s most varied terrains. This includes majestic sandstone pillars, sweeping views of floodplains, idyllic waterfalls, and a vibrant ecosystem of plants and animals. The park offers a range of bushland walking trails, each leading to exceptional lookout points that provide the best views Litchfield National Park has to showcase.

14. Perth to Exmouth Tour

Perth to Exmouth Tour

Embark on exploring Western Australia’s Coral Coast, celebrated for its extraordinary natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and pristine beaches. Be amazed by the striking limestone formations of the Pinnacles, followed by the captivating landscapes of Kalbarri National Park, where the Murchison River carves through deep red gorges.

Visiting Monkey Mia offers a delightful encounter with friendly bottlenose dolphins and a rich array of other wildlife. The journey then leads to the crown jewel of the Coral Coast, the renowned Ningaloo Reef, where you will spend two days immersed in the unspoiled waters, possibly sighting turtles. This Perth Tours promises an unparalleled experience of nature’s finest offerings, catering to various interests.

15. Darwin to Katherine Gorge Tour

Darwin to Katherine Gorge Tour

Explore the stunning beauty of Nitmiluk National Park, a gem in the Top End, with a guided tour.

Your journey starts in the morning from tropical Darwin and heads south along the famous Stuart Highway. On your way to Katherine, you will pass through the towns of Adelaide River and Pine Creek, surrounded by the unique flora and fauna characteristic of the Northern Territory. Enjoy the insightful historical and cultural narration your guide provides as you travel.

A highlight of your day will be the NitNit Dreaming two-hour boat cruise through Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk). Glide between imposing cliff faces towering 70 meters high, where the sunlight creates a dynamic display of colours across the landscape and rock formations. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and stories of the land’s traditional custodians, the Jawoyn people of Katherine. After this enlightening cruise, we will head towards the scenic Edith Falls (Leliyn) area.

Depending on the season and conditions, you’ll have the chance to indulge in a rejuvenating swim in Edith Falls’s (Leliyn) vast natural plunge pool or relax and absorb the serene environment. The return journey is via Pine Creek and the Adelaide River to Darwin, freeing the evening.

16. Larapinta Trail Tours

Embark on a breathtaking adventure on Larapinta Trail Tours, exploring the iconic Larapinta Hiking Trail in the heart of Australia’s rugged Central landscape. This trail, stretching over 223 kilometres, traverses the scenic beauty of the West MacDonnell Ranges, a testament to the region’s ancient and dramatic terrains.

As you journey along this desert route, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of wildlife, discover waterholes, and marvel at the unique geological structures that dot the landscape. Significant landmarks such as Mt. Sonder, Serpentine Gorge, Simpson’s Gap, and Ormiston Gorge offer unforgettable sights.

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