Wiotto.com - A specialized site for booking the Maldives

Wiotto.com – A specialized site for booking the Maldives

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

The Maldives is quite different from the European or American market when it comes to hotel bookings. The main reason is the geographical location of the islands, as well as the distinctive pricing system. The wiotto.com website was specially created with all the features of the Maldives in mind. The main office of the company is located in Geneva, Switzerland; it also has offices in other countries, including the Maldives itself. The company has been in the booking market for more than 8 years.

What is the specificity of the islands of the Maldives

The Maldives is a state with more than 1000 islands, where the largest are up to several kilometers in length, and the smallest are several hundred in diameter. Most tourists arrive in the capital Male, Velana International Airport, followed by a transfer by speedboat or seaplane to the selected resort islands. The hotel reservation must be made together with the reservation of transfer, which is organized by the resort itself. In 90% of cases, you need to pay for the reservation in advance, and not upon arrival. Unlike taxes and fees, which, depending on the partner site, must be paid immediately with the reservation or separately upon arrival. Given the average cost of a villa in the Maldives, taxes and fees can be several thousand dollars or more. In this regard, wiotto.com is convenient because it shows the price with taxes included – nothing needs to be paid extra upon arrival.

The formation of prices for holidays in the Maldives is complex, as it takes into account many factors. Depending on the hotel, these may be:

Number of nights. Often, hotels can give, for example, every 7th night for free, or discounts from 10 nights, etc.

Discounts or free meals for children of certain ages.

The possibility of a marriage ceremony when booking from a certain number of nights.

Selected meal plan.

Discounts for early booking.

Discounts on food when booking from a certain number of days.

Discounts when booking on certain days, months. For example, a hotel may offer a discount in a less popular month, etc.

    There are many more such variables. That is why many travel agencies keep records and calculate the cost manually. The wiotto.com team has spent a lot of time and experience to create a unique scoring system that allows you to see the price of your holiday at a glance and compare when and under what circumstances it is best for you to book. All this is in the catalog of wiotto.com.

    Maldives hotel directory filters

    On wiotto.com, the Maldives catalog has specially created filters that take into account the features of the islands and make it easier to choose a resort. These filters are mostly specific to the Maldives, for example:

    Water or beach villa. The Maldives is famous for its villas in the lagoon.

    House reef. This is one of the most important filters as it shows hotels where snorkeling is excellent. This is what millions of tourists come to the Maldives for.

    Water villa with a slide. Where you can go down to the lagoon right from the bedroom.

    Villa with a glass bottom. To observe the underwater world.

    Underwater restaurant. A small part of the hotels offers the opportunity to visit a restaurant located under water with a panoramic view of the marine life.

    Transfer by seaplane as not all hotels provide it.

    Wine cellar or butler services.

    Close to Male. This filter is very useful if you are looking for an island near the capital. There are collected resorts 10 minutes by speedboat.

    There are many more such filters in the catalog. All of them were created to make it easier for tourists to choose. Visit the Maldives catalog on wiotto.com and see for yourself.

    Access to unique information about the Maldives

    With a presence in the Maldives, wiotto.com keeps abreast of all developments related to visiting the islands and resorts. All information is displayed in the relevant sections of the site: Frequently Asked Questions, All about coronavirus, Entry rules, etc.

    Wiotto.com also has a Maldives Articles section. Hundreds of articles have been added there that answer all possible questions of tourists not only about the Maldives, but also about other exotic islands. You will find selections of hotels according to different criteria, many tips and guides, holiday impressions, travel news and more. Information is constantly updated, new ones are added – you will be aware of the latest events on the paradise islands.

    Visit wiotto.com! You can not only book a villa or find all the necessary information about the Maldives, but also get a free consultation from our managers in an online chat. See you in the Maldives!

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