Best parks and Gardens in Downtown Dubai

Best parks and Gardens in Downtown Dubai

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

Downtown Dubai is a district where all the main attractions of the metropolis are concentrated: the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, dancing fountains, the Dubai Opera, the huge shopping and amusement complex Dubai Mall and many parks and outdoor recreation areas.

Downtown Dubai is also one of the most prevalent locations chosen by the wealthiest investors. In 2019, it topped the list of the most popular neighborhoods for apartment buyers. Therefore, apartments for sale in off-plan development projects in Downtown Dubai are very popular. The area continues to be vigorously expanded.

The best parks and gardens in Dubai for nature walks

There are a lot of parks in Dubai. They occupy a fairly large territory and are well-groomed, clean, and beautiful. For each park, the designers have come up with their own “highlights” that attract visitors, so it’s worth discussing in more detail what tourists can see in the parks of this Arab metropolis.

Flower Park

Speaking about the best parks in Dubai, it is worth talking about the magnificent Park of Flowers. This park is shaped like a circle and occupies 7 hectares of land. It is divided into seven zones, each decorated with flower compositions and figures. You can see copies of architectural monuments created from thousands of natural flowers and a huge plane made of 500,000 snow-white plants. This composition even hit the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. Beautiful alleys decorated with flower arches in the form of hearts and figures of huge swans, a path with a roof of multi-colored umbrellas – this park is simply created for those who love flowers.

Burj Park

There is a beautiful park in the city center, one of the best parks in Dubai for walking. Next to it is the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, after which the park area was named. Finding this place on the map is very easy. First of all, it is worth mentioning that the park offers a view of the dancing Dubai Fountain. Mass events – festivals, fairs, and concerts occur on the territory, so you won’t be bored here.

In the park, you can rent a bike and ride along the paths, which offer views of local attractions. In addition, the famous Dubai Mall, a large shopping center with a huge range of goods, is in the immediate vicinity. The flower beds in the green zone are distinguished by their brightness and contrast because they are designed to be visible from the observation deck of the Tower.

Glowing garden

Dubai also has theme parks, including a garden of luminous figures. This miracle, created by designers and artists, is a monument to a rational approach to the disposal of household plastic – all compositions are made from bottles, containers, and other recyclable waste. The most interesting is the huge copy of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, built of thousands of plastic plates, glasses, and cutlery, as well as a smaller copy of the Khalifa Tower 12 meters high, which took 330,000 ampoules filled with tinted liquid to create.

Pleasant music plays in the park, and the illumination of the figures is reflected on the lakes’ surface- this place’s atmosphere is simply magical.

Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve

When asked what attractions there are in the Dubai Creek area, one can answer unequivocally – Ras al Khor. A huge number of beautiful pink flamingos live here. This area is protected by the International Conservation Organization, as various unique animals and plants harmoniously coexist in a small area.

Tourists, of course, are more interested in flamingos. It is forbidden to disturb the birds, so secret platforms have been organized to observe these graceful creatures. From there, you can take pictures, shoot videos and watch the life of a flock of birds through binoculars. Few parks in Dubai can boast that they have the rarest representatives of birds.

Quranic Park

Dubai is an Arab city, so it is not surprising that it has a park dedicated to the Koran, the main book of Muslims. An Islamic garden, an Andalusian garden, and a corner of the desert with plants and landscapes characteristic of these regions await guests. Visitors can rent bicycles to see all the display cases of the miracles of the prophets. There is a cave, fountains, and playgrounds for children. There are 12 orchards on the park’s territory, including:

  • The Fig and Olive Garden
  • The Pomegranate Garden
  • The Cucumber Garden
  • The Onion Garden

Al Ittihad Park

The artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah, where Al-Ittihad Park is located, is known to everyone who is at least a little interested in the United Arab Emirates. This place of rest is a long alley with palm trees, jogging and walking paths, gazebos, and children’s play areas. According to Emirates.Estate  buildings with shops, cafes, and restaurants surround the park, so those who come to Palm Jumeirah should combine business with pleasure, relax in the park, and then go to a cafe or shopping.

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