What are the benefits of property management in Turkey?

What are the benefits of property management in Turkey?

Last Updated on July 20, 2023

Wondering what are the benefits of property management in Turkey? You are in the right place, here we will share with you some great tips for property management in Turkey. Individuals who own just one residential or commercial real estate can earn rent by renting out that property. An increase in the number of properties increases income, but at the same time, time costs also increase. In this regard, investors have a question: how to manage real estate so that there is time for life? The answer is: hire a manager to work with your objects. Yekta Homes, a well-known developer development projects in Alanya, tells more about the benefits of such a service.

Why hire a property manager 

The rental business eliminates the possibility of posing back and completing a profit after renting your property. You will have to deal with many issues, such as maintaining and renovating the apartment and seeing the right tenants.

Real estate investors can use a property management system to keep the rental business running like clockwork.

Advantages of property management

Homeowners gain freedom because many functions are transferred to the manager:

– The process of finding tenants is reduced because managers work with requests from a large number of clients;

– Managers are experts in their field, so they will not hesitate to visit tenants to observe how tenants use the property and what condition it is in;

– Managers relieve you of the hassle by taking care of maintenance and repair, as well as other issues related to the sphere of life and utilities;

– Property managers will check property bills and collect rent.

Additional benefits of hiring a manager

Other benefits of ordering property management services are as follows:

– Management companies supply dependable and high-quality service to their customers within the framework of the technological equipment and capabilities they provide.

– Housing managers often offer a 24/7 service, and companies can be contacted through various communication channels to resolve urgent issues.

– Housing management companies serve clients with the highest standards due to their experience and licenses. In this context, property managers win the trust of their clients.

– Property management firms usually provide portfolios and other documentary evidence of the services provided. This is a reliable reference point for future customers.

– High speed of transactions: within the framework of the service delivered from the start to the end of the process, many client problems are resolved faster than if the owner tried to resolve this or that problem.

What services do managers provide?

The range of services is extensive:

– Determining the real value of the real estate and determining the amount of rent;

– Deposit management;

– Carrying out a detailed assessment of a potential tenant;

– Tracking the expiration of lease agreements;

– Eviction of the tenant in the event of violations of payment.

Start collecting data 

Once you have established these criteria, go for market research by listing your best options. Ask questions, visit the site, research your local market, and collect the data you need to get a detailed idea for each option. 

You should look into the following options:

– The average price per square meter, the number and total value of sales in this location, and the current and future property supply.

– Price per square meter and the total value of the property. Review the last 5 purchases at this location.

– Compare the listed price with this data to determine whether the offer is good. 

You can find all this information on the Internet. This will help you determine the best investment options. This is a professional decision-making method in investment: comparison, analysis, evaluation, and decision. The next step is to study each object in detail to get a more accurate idea and make a final decision.

To sum up

The manager’s range of services contains many technical issues, including sharing the collected rent with the landlord and other essential points. Applying for such a service makes life easier for many homeowners.

Study Market Trends

The real estate market fluctuates, and buying (or selling) at the right time can make a huge difference, affecting both the price you pay and the subsequent return on your investment. If you buy during the up phase of the market cycle, you will end up paying more: the right time to buy is during the “depression” period when sellers will offer better prices. But you should always follow the decision-making process outlined above. 

Pay attention to the contract 

Before closing a deal, ensure the contract covers everything from maintenance, repairs, and the key exchange procedure. It is important not to be shy about bargaining. Finally, when you hit the “best price,” don’t hesitate to buy, or you might lose the item.

Selection of housing in Turkey

How to buy a house in Turkey for investment purposes and start earning now? Read more on the official website, yektahomes.com. 

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