10 Reasons to enjoy a Blue Cruise in Turkey

10 Reasons to enjoy a Blue Cruise in Turkey

Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Are you fond of traveling? There are several good vacations that you can take to spend quality time with your friends and family. You have beach resorts, cities with rich culture, history, and distinct architecture. You can also opt to visit some remote natural wonders of the world.

How about the idea of a vacation that outdoes the rest? You could go for the Blue Cruise in Turkey or the Blue Voyage. It is a part of the Turkish tradition of exploring the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey and Greece. It lets you get a taste of Agean/Turkish culture authentically through a giant cruise ship.

If it is the first time you are visiting the country, we recommend you look for a private tour to make sure you get one-of-a-kind experience. A private tour will adapt to your travel needs and will take you to Turkey’s rich historical heritage and breathtaking natural beauty, which will leave you speechless.

Here are 10 reasons why a Blue Cruise is the best vacation ever.

1. Offers great value

Blue Cruise offers excellent value to your vacation. It is because the fares include almost everything that you need to make a fantastic trip. It includes accommodation, food, entertainment, and travel between various destinations. Whether you are on a superior, standard, or a deluxe boat, the pleasures of the Blue Cruise remain unparalleled.

2. No obligations

To your surprise, once you board the boat, you can relax that Blue Cruise will take care of everything else. You can experience all the pleasures here, unlike a city trip where you have to find the best sights, restaurants and public transportation. The crew will ring a bell as your breakfast gets ready. Likewise, each day will be an ever-changing landscape for you to cherish.

3. The Turquoise Coast

The stretch of the coastline you will wander on a Blue Cruise is no less than spectacular. You will be in the coast’s uninhabited or remote corners that are otherwise unreachable by a commercial cruise ship. The sight of the Aegean Sea and its landscapes is breathtaking. Each cove has different water types. It is either perfect turquoise or jade or sandy and sometimes dark. 

4. History and culture

Blue Cruise will allow you to get a taste of Turkish culture in a more authentic way than a giant cruise ship. You will witness the essence of Agean culture through the local crew’s fresh local ingredients and hospitality. You will also come across some of the ancient civilizations. The ruins you can visit are often desolate, letting you discover the past culture and civilization.

5. Sites you will visit

Before you board your Blue Cruise, you will have to get to the boat. You will pass through gorgeous ports along the Turquoise Coast and places like Marmaris, Fethiyne, Gocek, and Bodrum. And yes! You will also pass through glittering cities along the route. You can also behold the history of Rhode medieval city. 

6. Food

The crew of the Blue Cruise will serve food made up of fresh local ingredients. 

They will offer abundant green vegetables, yogurt, fruits, and fish every day. Every meal will be satisfying and tastes better than a mediocre city meal. And the best part is that the Blue Cruise crew also eats the same food that it serves you. 

7. Spend quality time

Blue Cruise is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends or family. Indeed, travel is all about getting away from everyone and everything. Travel on the cruise will help you connect with near and dear ones. Here, no one has to wither host or play guest. It is a place only to create lasting memories. 

8. No age bars

Let me tell you that there is generally no age group for which a Blue Cruise is not super-awesome. It will be a perfect option for a family with young kids and cousins or a squad of 22-year-old college graduates celebrating their graduation. It is also an ideal vacation destination for retirees or a family with grown-up kids. 

9. Hospitality

Blue Cruise is well known for the Mediterranean hospitality that it offers. The crew is generous and shares their customs and culture nicely with pride. The crew will make you feel at home as they are warm and welcoming. The crew is always supportive and takes care of all your requirements. They make your stay the most comfortable one.

10. Escape from reality

While staying at Blue Cruise is the perfect time to connect with family or friends, it also disconnects you from social media, television, and the rest of the world around you. You will be away from the city’s hustle-bustle and enjoy the scenic beauty. Of course, you can charter a boat with Wi-Fi and TV screens, but there will be no need once you are on the Blue Cruise.


By now, you must have started checking your calendar and planning your vacation with Blue Cruise. Haven’t you? Such is the fascination of Blue Cruise. So, finalize your plans and pack your bags for a beautiful experience. 

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