Top Cities for the Best Shopping for Couples

Top 7 Cities to Go Shopping with your Loved One

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

What is the best way to lift the spirits, increase vitality, and forget about all the problems? Of course, productive and exciting shopping! Buying a new, even the smallest thing, can please and inspire a hundred times more than any other entertainment. But what if you go shopping with your loved one to the most famous and best shopping centers, markets, and boutiques of the world? Multi-colored lights, thousands of unique shops and retail stores, music, people, motley shop-window, and the latest fashionable novelties – a real paradise for shopping enthusiasts! So, we present to you the top 7 cities for the best shopping for couples.

1. New York, USA


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If you do not have vast sums of money for shopping, even a walk through the colorful shop-windows, which have already become a landmark of chic and all-inclusive New York, will give you and your loved one great pleasure.

Fans of exclusive and expensive things simply need to visit the famous Fifth Avenue, with its elite legendary store the Saks Fifth Avenue. Perhaps this is the most famous store in America, which provides a wide range of high-class products, starting with clothes and shoes, ending with home decor items. Also, do not forget to walk around Manhattan and explore Madison Avenue. And if you are looking for fashionable and affordable clothes, visit the youth East Side.

2. Tokyo, Japan


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In the department stores of this city, you can buy absolutely everything: from small accessories, clothes, and equipment, to freshly caught fish, macaroons and breathtaking donuts. A famous Wako department store deserves special notice. It was founded back in 1881 by the famous author of the Japanese watch brand. By the way, the first floor of the department store is still occupied by the impressive Seiko watch store – a pride of Wako. Also, one cannot help but mention the Ginza quarter, preferred by all Tokyo shoppers, with its famous shopping center Mitsukoshi, where even the most demanding visitors can satisfy their needs and desires.

3. London, England


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Most reputable publications agreed that London is one of the best shopping cities in Europe because the number of shops and boutiques with local and international brands is increasing at a crazy speed.

Be sure to visit the trading empire of Harrods, which includes 330 diverse departments where you can find everything from food to banking services. Of course, the prices are not cheap. However, you can visit Harrods not only for active shopping but also for aesthetic pleasure – it will just suffice to mention the unique design of the Egyptian Hall!

4. Bangkok, Thailand

If you ever get to the capital of Thailand, then be sure to go to the famous and largest market in the country – Chatuchak. This is a true paradise for an experienced shopper, which is spread over 14 hectares! Here, you can find everything that befits a real Asian market: world-class silk, antiques, artworks and souvenirs, handicrafts and high-quality bijouterie, jewelry, and many more things that millions of shopping lovers could dream of.

5. Paris, France

What shopping can do without the capital of world fashion? Be sure to go to the famous Haussmann Boulevard and visit the leader of all the city’s shopping centers – Galeries Lafayette. This is not only one of the largest and most fashionable shopping complexes in Paris but also an amazing work of architecture, which is protected by the state, as a real historical monument. Once, it was just one of the small department stores, but over time, it has grown to a gargantuan size, and now it is one the most popular places of all Parisian fashionistas. If you want to arrange the first date in this romantic city, consider some useful first date tips.

6. Los Angeles, USA

The famous Rodeo Drive, which was literally immortalized in the famous movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts, is located exactly in the City of Angels. Here, you will find the chicest and elite boutiques in the world, such as Christian Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, and so on. Of course, the prices are high, but has it ever stopped real shoppers? In addition, a lot of Hollywood stars make their purchases here! Don’t you want to meet with Brad Pitt or say hello to Angelina Jolie?

7. Milan, Italy

It is one of the most desirable cities to visit among real shopaholics. And this is not by accident – you can find absolutely everything in the world’s second capital of fashion. Moreover, you and your loved one will be impressed by the exclusive and unique designer boutiques, which are located in the Golden Rectangle of Quadrilatero d’Oro. The main shopping center of all Milanese fashionistas is the legendary 10 Corso Como.


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