Top 5 Australian Breads to Try

Top 5 Australian Breads to Try

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Are you a fan of trying out different breads from different countries? What about all the delicious Australian breads? If you are a bread-lover planning on traveling to Australia soon, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the top five Australian breads you should try out!

Australian Damper

Damper is a type of home-made soda bread which became popular in Australia after being prepared by early European settlers. Although it can be made and served plain, damper can also contain a variety of fillings such as native seeds, nuts and roots mixed into the dough. It is usually made with wheat-based dough, with flour, water and butter (although butter is optional). 

Damper was traditionally baked in the coals of a fire. It is slightly different to bush bread, which is usually referred to bread made by Indigenous Australians, and not European settlers.

Takaku Bread

Originating from New Zealand but also incredibly popular in Australia is Takaku bread. It is a type of bread which requires a lot of flour to make, however does not use any baking soda or similar ingredients to make the dough rise and swell.

Although baked plain, Takaku bread is commonly enjoyed with condiments such as butter and jam, and with a cup of tea. However, as a flatbread, it can also be treated as a savory bread with meat or vegetable fillings.

Boston Bun


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A Boston bun, otherwise known as a Sally Lunn is a large sliced bun which is popular in many areas of Australia and New Zealand. Similar to the much loved lamington dessert, the Boston bun is covered with a layer of coconut shaving or icing, and may sometimes also contain sultanas. 

The Bostun bun dates back to the 1930s and has been an Australian staple bread for a long time. Its main ingredients include wheat flour, mashed potato, a raising agent, water (or milk), sugar and other appropriate toppings added according to preference.

Hot Cross Buns

Although technically originating from the United Kingdom, hot cross buns are also an extremely popular bread in Australia. Having been brought over by British settlers, hot cross buns have grown from their traditional shapes and tastes to modern alternatives which include sultana, chocolate, cream or even cheese filling.

Hot cross buns have a rich history in Australia due to the superstitions and traditions tied to them. For example during Easter, hot cross buns were baked and hung around a house as they were believed to repel bad luck in the kitchen and fires.

Fairy Bread

When it comes to a popular Australian bread snack or party food, fairy bread is always at the top of the list. With a cute and memorable name, fairy bread is made with three key ingredients – white bread, butter and hundreds and thousands of sprinkles – as they are known in the U.S. Simple and sweet to make, fairy bread is a must-try when it comes to Australian breads and snacks.

You can find most unique Australian breads at wholesale food suppliers, or you can make them yourself due to their simple ingredients list. Be sure to try out the breads listed above if you are looking to taste a few representative Australian breads! 

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